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Osteopaths are great at treating back pain as they focus on the joints, muscles, tendons and more by looking at the body as a whole and not just your back.
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Our team of Osteopaths, Physios,  Sports and Massage Therapist & Lymphatic Drainage Specialist treat you better! Read more

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Pain & Injury Treatments

Back pain
back pain
Shoulder & neck pain
Knee, hip, foot & elbow pain
Muscle & joint pain
Headaches & migraines
Work related injuries
Sports injuries

We treat your pain with a multidisciplinary approach.
Your treatment will focus on:

  1. Release (remedial massage)
  2. Mobilisation (osteopathy)
  3. Strength (physiotherapy)
  4. Maintenance (exercise)

A bespoke aftercare plan will help prevent recurrence

Post surgery care

Post-operative Recovery for:

Spinal surgery
Hip & knee surgery
Shoulder surgery & fractures
Ankle, foot surgery, fractures
tummy tuck
Tummy tuck
breast implant
Breast implant

Wellbeing & Sports

We help your performance:

Gym lovers
back pain
Back & neck tension
Stress & anxiety
Pregnancy massage

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We treat you betterTM

Our mission is to treat the cause of your pain and injury, not just the symptoms.

Yaneth Perea. Founder

About our injury clinic

We are in the heart of Islington near chapel market, only 3 minutes away from Angel station. Our speciality is back & neck pain, post-surgery lymphatic drainage and sports injuries.

Our history

The clinic was founded in Islington 10 years ago by Yaneth Perea. She strongly believes in a multidisciplinary approach to treat back & neck pain, sports injuries and any musculoskeletal conditions.

Osteo Expert

Lilou specialises on head aches & migraines, and  women’s health.

Yaneth Perea

Lymphatic Drainage Expert

Yaneth specialises on Post Cosmetic Surgery recovery and Back & Neck Pain.

Sport Therapist Expert

Modestas specialises on back pain, knee pain and sport injuries.

Our Credentials

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People Say, People Ask

Daisy O
Daisy O
Can’t thank Yaneth enough for the post surgery MLD treatment. It made the procedure I had done worth it and I am so happy with the results. Her knowledge is fantastic and her advice and expertise has helped my healing so much.
Tom van Cleak
Tom van Cleak
Stelios is a professional and experienced practitioner, he really makes you feel welcome and most of all in better shape than you came in. I would recommend anyone with sports/gym related muscle aches and niggles to go see him 💪🏻
Martha Coates
Martha Coates
I have had a few appointments with Stelios to help with a locked jaw (TMD) I have already seen a huge improvement. He is fantastic, super knowledgable, kind, calm and very professional. Highly recommend.
Miriam Carey
Miriam Carey
I went for a sports massage at Perea Clinic with Stelios due to upper back pain from working on a laptop. I found him to be very experienced and knowledgeable in muscle pain and over the last few weeks he has done a good job of ridding my body of pain.
Jaxon Ellez
Jaxon Ellez
From the moment I walked in we were kindly greeted by a really down to earth, welcoming receptionist. Her aura was wonderful. The massage was really lovely and just what I needed. Thank you!
Christine Rose
Christine Rose
This is a fabulous clinic! I went to see Stelios Retzepai because of a mid back spasm. I sit and use computers a lot with my job and I have had many problems from this. I won’t go anywhere else now. Stelios is a remarkable therapist and person. He has a wonderfully calm nature and has a very holistic and tailored approach to your treatment. He is very knowledgeable and fun and always makes you feel very relaxed. He has helped me a lot. They also have a lot of appointment times and are very flexible. I have told many people to come here.
Ramona Cutov
Ramona Cutov
Amazing and very professional. Janeth gives the best advice and she knows her job very well. I did my post surgery recovery with her and she put me at ease and guided me through the process. I cant thank the entire team for all the help. Thank you Janeth, thank you Elizabeth!
Ruijing Bu
Ruijing Bu
Stelios is very nice and helpful. I feel much better after the sports message. Highly recommend him for your treatment!
Alberto Santos
Alberto Santos
Stelios is a super professional and knowledgeable therapist. Knows so much about sports injuries, and not just gave me a fantastic massage but also helped with a holistic analysis and helpful manipulation of joints, back and neck. I will be back soon!
Chara Stavraka
Chara Stavraka
I received treatment for an upper back muscle strain from Stelios Retzepai. He was very thorough in his assessment, immediately identified the issue and treated me very effectively using a variety of techniques. My symptoms significantly improved even after the first session. Stelios’s knowledge and clinical expertise are of exceptional standards. He has a great bedside manner and demonstrated a high level of professionalism. I highly recommend him!

F.A.Q. (frecuently asked questions)

What can cause back and neck pain?

– Trauma, accident, lifting
– Muscle strain
– Ligament sprain
– Disc compression
– Muscle spasms

Who can I see for neck and back pain?

All our Osteopaths, Massage therapists, Physiotherapists, Acupuncturists and Sports Therapists. All our practitioners treat back pain depending on the level of the injury or cause.

Should I have a Lymphatic Drainage Massage after cosmetic surgery?

Yes, you should. Lymph Drainage Massage makes the healing process faster, helps to avoid fibrosis, improves skin smoothness, prevents lumps, stimulates blood flow and drains excess fluids reducing swelling.

When can I come for my lymphatic drainage after surgery?

We recommend to start the lymphatic drainage 24/36 hours after the surgery. The earlier you can start, the easier to remove excess fluid and release pain.

How many sessions of Lymphatic Drainage do I need?

It depends on the cosmetic surgery, how many areas need to be treated and how well your body responds. On average, it can take between 5- 10 sessions. If you need help with contouring you will need additional sessions.