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London Marathon Tips – the final days

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London Marathon Tips – the final days: 

Hopefully, by the time you read this, the bulk of your preparations are done. With equipment checklists in place, maps and logistics sorted and your registration completed, you are ready to focus on the lead up to the race, and the run itself. Here are some more of my London Marathon Tips that will ensure that your weekend is as painless and enjoyable as possible.


London Marathon Tips

London Marathon Tips – Getting to the finish

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London Marathon Tips – One week to go

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London Marathon Tips: 

With only one week to go until the big event, these are some of the crucial tips you will need to ensure your first London Marathon is a success.

During the weeks and months building up to the London Marathon your focus has likely been mainly on the physical side of training. At this stage, it is worth preparing for the fact that the day itself will be a psychological and emotional, as well as, a physical challenge.


London Marathon Tips

A long way down the road

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London Marathon 2015 – Final preparations

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London Marathon 2015: Two weeks and counting. 

There are just over two weeks to go until your first London Marathon.  It is often the time when a novice runner can jeopardise the months of hard work and sacrifice they have made for the big event. Don’t let this be you.

Here is a quick guide to make sure you keep your feet on the ground (pardon the pun), during these final days.



London Marathon 2015 – Only 2 weeks to go

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