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What science says about massage

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The benefits of massage

How do science and massage match up?

You lie on the table and await the experienced hands of the therapist.

Your tired and aching muscles eagerly await the therapeutic touch of the experienced fingers. As the session starts your pressing agenda takes a back seat and you feel the stress and tension lift from your body.

It can be a relaxing and intoxicating experience. But what lies behind this age-old treatment?

And what can science tell us about the tangible benefits of modern massage?


Science and massage

Science and massage


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How to stop leg cramps

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Dealing with leg cramps

One thing is for sure, experiencing leg cramps is no laughing matter.

The problem is they always seem to come on unexpectedly, and when they do, they cause an almost unbearable pain. What’s worse, it is believed that about three-quarters of all leg cramps happen at night time.

So what exactly is a cramp? What causes them? And what can be done to help manage them?


Leg cramps

Leg cramps


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Easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety

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Day to day stress and anxiety

For the sake of this short blog I want to keep the definitions of stress and anxiety simple. In no way are we looking to explore exaggerated psychological states.

Stress can be broadly described as the mental, emotional or physical strain resulting from an inability to cope with demands placed on us.

Anxiety is worry that is focused on an uncertain outcome.

Here is a quick guide to help you deal with those underlying tensions that can affect you day to day. Tensions that left unresolved can have farther reaching consequences that undermine our daily lives.

Here are our tips on easy ways to relieve stress and anxiety.


Relieve stress and anxiety

Relieve stress and anxiety


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Why massage should be a part of your London Marathon training

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Massage and your London Marathon training

The results of the London Marathon ballot are being distributed at the time of writing this blog.

Congratulations to those of you who have been successful in your quest for a guaranteed place. For those that you that haven’t, it’s time to consider the charity option.

Either way, if you are still serious about running London Marathon 2016, it’s time to get serious about your training and preparation.

And if it’s your first marathon, you might be thinking how will I ever be able to run the 26.2 miles.

Well, one thing is for sure, it helps if you are injury free.

How well you recover is as important as how hard you train. So let’s look at the role of massage and see how it can help you in your quest.


London Marathon Massage

London Marathon Massage


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