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Exercises to Improve Posture

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The problem of poor posture

Exercises to improve posture are so important.  As with so many areas of health and fitness, the subject of posture has increasingly come under review.

The old school way of describing the muscular-skeletal system was to compare it to a network of pulleys and levers.

As such, it was believed that if the muscles (the pulleys) were pulling too tight on the bones (the levers)  then this would create imbalances that lead to poor posture.

The goal was to redress muscle imbalances in terms of strength and weaknesses and to relieve areas of muscle tension.

Exercise can still help to address postural problems, but it is useful to put posture in its proper context first.

Exercises to improve posture

Exercises to improve posture

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The benefits of functional exercises

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How we changed the way we exercise?

Functional exercises – What are they?

The way we exercise goes through cycles and fads.

However, one of the biggest influencers that still has an effect on how many people work out today was the rise of bodybuilding in the 1970s and 80s.

With the likes of Arnie and Sylvester Stallone on the scene, it was a time that ‘big was beautiful.’

And the way to get really big muscles was to focus on one muscle at a time. This involved isolating one muscle or muscle group at a time, and hence they became known as isolation exercises.


The Benefits of Functional Exercises

The Benefits of Functional Exercises


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