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How to form healthy habits

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Why they are so important

“All our life is but a mass of habits”, so said William James, one of America’s first Psychologists. And whilst Psychology has come a long way since William’s day, it’s true that we spend a huge part of our daily  life acting out of habit.

At the same time, we also live in the information age. If we don’t already know what’s good and bad for us, it only takes a few minutes searching around google to find out.

But why don’t we act on what we know?

Because when we are too busy, stressed or overwhelmed it can be difficult to self-regulate our day to day behaviour. That’s why it is important to do the right things naturally, to create and to fall back on, good habits.


Habits and Health

Habits and Health


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How to do long runs

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Long runs for the London Marathon

Long runs are important – With the London Marathon a little over 6 weeks away (at the time of writing) the stakes are getting high with the training.

And if this is your first Marathon, you may feel more than a little intimidated by the prospect of going out on your long runs.

We take a look at some simple dos and donts, and help you make those runs as pain-free and productive as they possibly can be.

Long Runs For the Marathon

Long Runs For the Marathon

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