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Reducing Inflammation with food

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Diet and inflammation

Inflammation has come under the spotlight as a contributory factor to some very serious conditions.

When it gets out of control it can contribute to heart disease, obesity, and even cancer. Chronic inflammation can even cause conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Ironically, it is actually part of the body’s immune response, and without it, you can’t heal. But when it is excessive, that’s when problems start.

Luckily diet can help to reduce inflammation. So we take a look at the foods that can help.


Reduce inflammation

Reduce inflammation

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Neck Spasms and how to deal with them

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A very real pain in the neck

Neck spasms – It’s not until you experience real discomfort that you appreciate how fortunate you were to be pain-free.

But unfortunately, around two-thirds of the British public will be blighted at some point with one of the most common muscular-skeletal problems there is; neck pain.

And it is no wonder we came up with the expression ‘pain in the neck’ for things that are truly irritating.

Neck pain feels very invasive and can be very debilitating. Here we take a further look at a particularly unpleasant type of neck pain and how to cope with it.


Neck Spasms

…………………..Neck Spasms…………………

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