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Is Mindfulness worth it?

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How might mindfulness help?

The theory is that by focusing fully on the present moment, that mindfulness can help to distract you from your negative thoughts.

And let’s face it, for the majority of us, there is a little chattering voice that runs in the background for most of our days. A voice that we could do with quieting from time to time.

But how useful is it? Does it really work? And if so, what can it really be used to help with?

We take a quick look.




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Running for weight loss

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Can you lose weight running?

It always seems a real shame, and frankly a big loss, when people run purely for weight-loss.

After all, once you have overcome the initial inertia, and running becomes part of a regular routine, the benefits can be multiple.

Running can be social, it can help to reconnect you with nature, it’s a great stress reliever and helps in any number of ways.

But unless you are blessed with an iron discipline or fantastic genes, weight-loss can be an added bonus.

To maximise the weight-loss though, there are a few tweaks you may need to make to your running routine.


Running for weight-loss

Running for weight-loss

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