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Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

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Back pain and poor sleep

Back pain is a real problem, in the UK, 2.5 million people suffer from back pain every day of the year.

Furthermore, in the UK, poor sleep is a major issue. And of all the physical components, bodily discomfort has been cited as the single biggest cause of poor sleep according to the Great British Sleep Survey.

Obviously back pain and sleep deprivation can have a massively detrimental effect on your mood, your motivation and can even impact your ability to complete your day to day work effectively.

It is possible that you suffer from one or both of these complaints. But few people think about the connection between the two. We take a quick look at some simple improvements that can help you.


Sleeping positions for back pain

Sleeping positions for back pain

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Good Posture at Work – Perea Clinic

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Why how you sit matters

Good posture whilst sitting down matters. It is what most of us spend more of our time doing than anything else.

Sitting in the car, sitting for meals, sitting in front of the TV and most of all; sitting at our desks.

It somehow feels so passive. As if our bodies have to do very little to remain in that state.

But if you have bad posture, your body is actually working quite hard to counteract the unnecessary strains and tensions you are putting on it.

And as a result, what should be recreational time is often blighted by fighting off neck pain, headaches, and all too commonly, lower back pain.

We take a look at how you can reduce discomfort by adopting a healthy posture at work.


good posture

Good posture


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