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How The Body Processes Pain – the underlying biology

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What do we know about pain?

Firstly, why do we feel pain? The simple answer is: To Protect You!

We could just end this article right there, put a big ‘full stop’ and all go home. That would give an answer to the question but it would still leave us scratching our heads and still asking, ‘but why do we feel pain and how does the body process it?’

Ultimately, your body tells you that you are in pain because it is telling you that something is wrong, and you need to do something about it.

What is wrong? You have been exposed to a dangerous stimulus, for example fire, a damage has occurred for example a broken bone or an injured or stressed muscle.

You can think of how the body processes pain as a cycle of Stimulation; Transmission; Recognition and Localisation; and Awareness.

How The Body Processes Pain

Lower back, neck, shoulder and knee pain

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