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How Pilates Conditioning can improve sports performance

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Pilates – can do more than you might think

Pilates conditioning is not just about getting a flat stomach or looking good.

In fact, contrary to what many people think, it is a far more challenging discipline than it appears at first glance.

If it is done properly and with proper supervision, it is an excellent full body workout. As such, it has great potential as a way to prepare the body for a variety of different sports.

Let’s take a closer look at why it is so good, and how the different forms of pilates can help.

Pilates Conditioning

Pilates Conditioning










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Ski fitness – How to prepare for the ski season

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Ski fitness – Preparing for the ski season.

Focusing on proper ski fitness prior to your ski trip could save endless regrets when you hit the slopes.

Surprisingly, for a sport that is considered to be so dangerous, the statistics on skiing injuries is lower than you might expect.

Typically, there is an injury incidence rate of about 2.5 per 1000 skier days.

So thankfully, as long as you don’t go crazy, you should remain injury free.

However, when they do occur, skiing injuries can be particularly nasty. Torn knee ligaments or dislocated shoulders can cause years of repercussions.

It is best to give yourself the best chance of staying injury free.

And, of course, improving your fitness before skiing will increase your overall enjoyment of your trip anyway.

ski fitness

Ski Fitness








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Reformer Pilates – An introduction to this excellent form of exercise

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Reformer Pilates – what is it all about?

Reformer Pilates is growing in popularity. Recently we discussed Pilates in general and explained that there are two main types.

There is the Pilates that is performed only on a mat, but there is also a version that involves the use of specialist equipment and machines.

The name of one of these specialised machines is the reformer.

The history of the modern day reformer is an unusual one.

The basic idea was developed a hundred years ago during World War 1. It was developed to help injured soldiers to exercise and build strength and flexibility whilst they were still bed bound.

But today, the modern machines are incredibly well designed.

Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates

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Skiing injuries and how you can deal with them

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What are some typical skiing injuries?

Skiing injuries are the absolute pits and can ruin an otherwise perfect time away. Not surprisingly the knees are the number one area that suffer during skiing holidays. Shoulder dislocation is another common complaint, as is concussion. But one injury that many people don’t anticipate is skier’s thumb.

Obviously, good equipment and proper instruction are vital to guard against possible mishaps, but what other measures should you take? And if you are unlucky enough to get injured, what sort of treatment would suit you best?

Skiing injuries

Skiing injuries







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