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London Marathon Equipment – Gaining a vital edge

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Preparing for the London Marathon

Having the right equipment for the London Marathon can be a great help.

Of course, nothing can replace putting in the hard yards in training. But you need to look after your body as best you can in the weeks leading up to the run. And there are certain bits of equipment that will help with that.

In our last blog, we outlined some of the basic equipment you will need for this year’s Marathon. Specifically, we spoke of the importance of good quality footwear and the right sort of clothing.

But there are other items that might help too. We look at some equipment that might come in useful for preventing injuries.

London Marathon Equipment

London Marathon Equipment

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What is stability and why does it matter?

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What is stability?

Stability is your ability to stay upright. In a broad sense, it refers to your balance. But it is more than staying steady on your feet.

And it is not just about preventing falls as you get older, or reserved for the world of sport.

Keeping your body balanced and your posture stable has positive health benefits.

So let’s take a closer look and what it involves, and why it matters.


What is stability?

What is stability?



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The benefits of DSE – how it can keep you healthy at work

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You are what you repeatedly do

The benefits of DSE assessments might not be a subject that gets your heart beating faster.

However, you would be foolish not to take advantage of regulations that, for once, work in your favour.

On this occasion, Health and Saftey haven’t gone mad! You are sitting at your desk for up to 50% of your waking hours.

If you compromise your posture for long periods of time it can cause a lot of problems.

As Aristotle wisely said, ‘you are what you repeatedly do’.

Or in this case, your body reflects how you use it most often.

Benefits of DSE

Benefits of DSE

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