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London Marathon Recovery – How to restore your strength

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London Marathon Recovery:

We would like to help you with your recovery from the London Marathon. But, first of all, congratulations!

If you completed the run it must be a huge relief. What once may have seemed like an impossible challenge is now achieved. You have completed your first London Marathon. It’s time to put your feet up … literally!


London Marathon Recovery

London Marathon Recovery

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Multiple Sclerosis Pain Management – What treatments can help?

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Background to Multiple Sclerosis

Pain Management for Multiple Sclerosis comes in different forms. There is no best method for treatment. This is because it is often related to individual needs.

If you have lived with MS the symptoms may be all too familiar. However, this week is MS awareness week. As such, for those less familiar with it, it is important to highlight possible early signs of the condition.

These include blurred or double vision, stiffness or spasms in your muscles. Fatigue, dizziness or vertigo can also be indicators. But that’s not all.

Other signs include tingling or numbness, especially in the arms legs or fingers. As well as irritability, mood swings, bladder or bowel problems or even memory issues.

It goes without saying that it can be an extremely debilitating disorder. But what is it? And what can be done to help?

Multiple Sclerosis Pain Management

Multiple Sclerosis Pain Management

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Coping with stress – How Pilates can help you

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The problem of modern day stress

Coping with stress can be challenging in our fast-paced society. But before you set out to confront stress, it pays to understand a little more about it.

Stress can feel like it is predominantly a mental issue. It can cause you to become irrational and irritable. Your thoughts can run at a hundred miles an hour and you start to engage in a negative internal dialogue. You believe that if you could only change your thinking you could cope with your stress.

But stress has many components and comes in different forms. As it has different triggers there can be different ways to cope. We look at the role Pilates can play.

Coping with stress

Coping with stress

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London Marathon 2019 – Final preparations

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London Marathon 2019: Two weeks and counting. 

There are just over two weeks to go until your first London Marathon.  It is often the time when a novice runner can jeopardise the months of hard work and sacrifice they have made for the big event. Don’t let this be you.

Here is a quick guide to make sure you keep your feet on the ground (pardon the pun), during these final days.



London Marathon 2019 – Only 2 weeks to go

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Common rowing injuries – and how to prevent and treat them

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The challenge of rowing

The types of injuries that are common in rowing occur as a result of poor preparation.

Rowing is great for all-around fitness. However, it is a challenge in terms of the complexity of the technique and the physical demands it puts on the body.

Inspired by the annual boat race, many people take to rowing for the first time. But the crews of Oxford and Cambridge make it look so much easier than it is.

You can spot a novice rower in the gym because their rowing will be all arms and very little legs. It’s an inefficient way to row.

The most common injury in rowing is to the lower back. But other injuries that affect rowers on a regular basis affect the ribs, knees, wrists and shoulders.

Let’s see what can be done to help prevent them …

Common Rowing Injuries

Common Rowing Injuries

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