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Canoeing shoulder injuries – an overview of what you need to know

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Broad shoulders

Getting shoulder injuries when canoeing can hamper your enjoyment of the sport. So, as part of National Canoeing Week, we take a look at ways you can minimise the risks.

Unlike a number of other sports, canoeing is heavily reliant on upper body conditioning. However, this conditioning isn’t just about pure strength. The joint needs to be supple, mobile and flexible. And the tendons and ligaments need to be well conditioned as well as the muscles.

Let’s take a more detailed look.


Canoeing shoulder injuries

Canoeing shoulder injuries

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Canoeing and kayaking injuries – Prevention and treatment

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Different strokes

Many different factors can lead to canoeing and kayaking injuries. However, poor technique is often to blame. To start with though, let’s cover the basic difference between the two activities.

Generally speaking, most people aren’t sure which is which. But, in reality, the difference is very clear.

In a Kayak, the paddle has a blade at each end. Whereas when you canoe, the paddle only has a blade at one end. You stroke on both sides to propel yourself forward in the Kayak. In a Canoe, you just paddle on one side.

In addition, Canoeists often adopt a kneeling position. On the other hand, in a Kayak, you adopt a seated position.

Canoeing and kayaking injuries

Canoeing and kayaking injuries

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Proper foot care – Why it is important to look after your feet

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Take the heat off the feet

It is easy to overlook proper foot care. After all, for most of the year, our feet are hidden from site.

But as we start to get some decent weather, they come out of hiding. And we start to notice some imperfections.

The fact of the matter is, most of us don’t care for our feet as well as we should. However, healthy feet are more important than we might realise.

Let’s take a look at how to look after them.

Proper foot care

Proper foot care

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Tennis Elbow treatments – What can ease the pain?

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What is tennis elbow

Before we discuss the various treatments for tennis elbow, we need to explore what it is.

The quickest way to identify it is by locating where on the elbow you feel the pain. You will tend to feel the discomfort on the outside of the elbow.

Obviously, it occurs a lot in tennis players, hence the name. But it can also be brought on by repetitive movements like decorating or playing an instrument.

It is very much an overuse injury and is caused by overworking the muscles and tendons of the forearm.

You may feel it most when bending the arm, twisting the arm or picking up small objects like coins.

Tennis Elbow treatment

Tennis Elbow treatment

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