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Hamstring strain rehab – recovering from this common football injury

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Why you should be careful of the hamstring

The rehab of a Hamstring Strain can be precarious. It’s an injury that can leave you feeling on the edge. Once your hamstring goes it can hold you back in the future.

As former international Michael Owen can attest to. Known for his speed in his early career. He openly admitted he was reluctant to sprint in his later years. All because he was hampered by a serious hamstring injury before he turned 20.

There are measures you can take to help avoid the injury. But if it happens, what steps should you take. We take a closer look.

hamstring strain rehab

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Avoiding Football Injuries – the benefits of warm-ups and cool downs

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Football injuries in perspective

In a strange way, avoiding football injuries should not be at the forefront of your mind.

This is because too much focus on the possibility of injury might make you nervous. Consequently, it can mean you are less committed to tackles or challenging situations.

In addition, anxiety about an injury can make the body tense up. Ironically, this can lead to problems being more likely.

But clearly, you don’t want to get injured. So what can you do?

Avoiding Football Injuries

Avoiding Football Injuries

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Common Cricket Injuries – And the best ways to avoid them

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Feeling Stumped

Cricket Injuries are, unsurprisingly, quite common.

The Cricket World Cup is finally in full flow. And many of you will be digging out your whites.

A rock hard ball can inevitably lead to many an acute injury. These tend to be impact injuries such as broken fingers. But what often leaves our clients stumped are soft tissue problems they encounter.

Cricket creates unique demands on the body. We take a closer look at injury management.

Common Cricket Injuries

Common Cricket Injuries

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Fighting bowel cancer – how exercise can help

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A fundraiser for bowel cancer

The start of June is an important time for those fighting bowel cancer. It marks the start of an initiative called ‘step up for 30‘.

Bowel Cancer UK is encouraging you to exercise for 30 minutes a day for the 30 days of June.

It’s a great way to raise funds to help combat the disease. And, in addition, it’s a useful jolt to help people establish healthier habits.

We look at why Bowel Cancer is such a big issue. And also, look at what role exercise can take in helping to defeat it.

Fighting bowel cancer

Fighting bowel cancer

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