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Common Basketball Injuries – and how to prevent and treat them

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The demands of basketball

We would like you to avoid the most common basketball injuries. Of course, accidents will happen. But adopting just a few changes can help reduce your risks.

Basketball is a fast pace game. And it is truly a multi-directional sport. There are explosive movements forward and back, side to side, and even vertically.

It’s a game that requires you to change direction quickly and often. Consequently, many injuries occur as you decelerate your movement or push off to accelerate. Therefore, muscles and joints need to be properly prepared.

Common Basketball Injuries

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Snapping Hip Syndrome – looking at causes and treatments

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It’s not just dancers

Snapping Hip Syndrome is also known as ‘dancer’s hip’. But if you have been unlucky to get it, you’ll know it can affect all sorts of people.

You will recognize it if you have pain when you either extend or flex your hip. Flexing the hip brings the knee toward the chest. (Think of the fetal position). And extending the hip will take the leg behind you in a similar vein to a dancer’s pose.

The pain of Snapping Hip Syndrome will often be accompanied by an audible popping or ‘snapping’ noise. Hence the name.

Thankfully, not all cases are too serious. However, you shouldn’t leave the condition untreated. Because in some cases the problem can last months and become very painful.

Let’s dig deeper.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Snapping Hip Syndrome

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Long-haul flight recovery – a few tips to help you out

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The challenge of long flights

How do you find the best recovery methods from a long-haul flight? Getting it right can be tricky.

As a rule, flights become more detrimental the longer they last. And some flights can be excruciating long. Currently, the longest is from Singapore to Newark, timed at over 18 hours!

However, a long-haul flight can be a lot shorter than that. In fact, it is considered to be anything over 6 hours long.

So what can you do to reduce the physical, emotional and psychological impact? Let’s take a quick look.

Long-haul flight recovery

Long-haul flight recovery

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Understanding Sciatica – and what to do if you get it

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A very common problem

Understanding Sciatica is important. It is certainly something to watch out for.

It is a widespread condition. However, it’s difficult to know exactly how common it is. This is because it is often an underlying cause of a more generalized problem.

So, for example, you might have regular lower back problems. Or you might experience shooting pains down the back of your legs. Or even experience buttock pain.

In many, but not all, of these instances, sciatica could be to blame. It’s not always easy to know.

But, according to NICE, between 13-40%  of us will suffer an episode of sciatica. If not often, at least at some point in our lifetime. So what is it all about? And how can it be treated?

Understanding Sciatica

Understanding Sciatica

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