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Does acupuncture help pregnancy? – a closer look

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Acupuncture and pregnancy

Can acupuncture help with pregnancy? That can be considered as two different questions.

Either, it is questioning if acupuncture can increase your chances of getting pregnant? Or, it is asking if acupuncture can help reduce side-effects during pregnancy?

We explore both questions and see what the evidence suggests.

Acupuncture help pregnancy

Does acupuncture help pregnancy?

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Acupuncture Treatments – what conditions can acupuncture treat?

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The rise of acupuncture

Acupuncture treatments are on the rise in the UK. It was once considered a quirky kind of alternative therapy. But now, it is growing in recognition.

It is very well researched. In fact, it is probably the most research form of complementary therapy there is.

And the number of people receiving acupuncture treatments may well surprise you. Even a decade ago, there were as many as 4 million individual sessions a year.

There is growing confidence in its effectiveness. And research has shown repeatedly that there are no long term side effects. So, more and more people are giving it a go.

But what treatments is it effective for? Let’s take a look.

Acupuncture treatments

Acupuncture treatments

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Understanding acupuncture – and the ways it can help?

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A background to acupuncture

To get an understanding of acupuncture, we need to look at its background.

Its roots go back a long way. In fact, over 2000 years. It was first practiced in China. The early form was based around the concept of ‘Qi’ energy.

It stemmed from a belief that there are lines of meridians that run around the body. They believed that energy blockages create pain and disease. And that, restoring the flow of energy helped to improve health and relieve pain.

Thus, with its long history, it clearly has a very well-established tradition. However, it didn’t arrive in Europe until the 17th Century. At that time, it was popular in France and Germany. It was lesser-known in Britain.

However, it has grown in prominence over recent years in the UK. This is due to its western-scientific approach to the practice. In addition, acupuncture is becoming increasingly well researched.

Understanding acupuncture

Understanding acupuncture

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Your best New year’s resolution – and how it can help

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A New Year and a new decade

What is the best New Year’s resolution you can make? Clearly, that is a matter of debate. After all, we all have different aspirations, goals, and dreams.

However, one thing is for sure. Too many people give up or lose sight of their resolutions. Perhaps you know that feeling yourself.

Typically, we make what are called outcome goals. We want to lose a certain amount of weight or make a particular amount of money.

These can be useful. But let’s consider another option. Committing to what is known as a process goal. In other words, it is a commitment to a certain way of behaving.

Let’s take a look.

Best New Years Resolution

Best New Years Resolution

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