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How to find a good plastic surgeon

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3 things you need to check

Going for a cosmetic surgery isn’t an easy decision to make.  When it comes to your body and your appearance you need to think carefully and choose the best. You need to feel you are safe and in good hands. Remember not only is your appearance  in the hands of your anaesthesiologist and your surgeon, but your life is too. This is why it’s so important to choose the right team: the best surgeon, the best anaesthesiologist and the best after care.  Let’s have a close look of what to look for when you are choosing a cosmetic surgeon.

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BBL post- op: What you didn’t know:

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11 common questions after BBL procedures 

Have you decided to have a BBL surgery?

You should take into account that it takes almost 4 weeks to come back to a normal daily life. The recovery period is long and needs very special care. First of all, you need someone to help you. Make sure you have someone to take you home and take care of you during the first 3 days.  

You cannot lift heavy objects and you should avoid doing strenuous activities during several weeks, that’s why you need someone to assist you with some tasks. Remember that, you can’t smoke 4 weeks before and after the surgery; if possible, don’t do it at all. Smoking causes blood clots and bad wound healing.

Do not take any herbal supplement, vitamins, Aspirin, or over the counter medicines 2 weeks before and after the surgery. They can cause bleeding.

Let’s start with the 11 most common questions people ask at our clinic

BBL- What you need to do after surgery

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The importance of drinking water, keeping hydrated

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How easily we get de-hydrated

Why you should stay hydrated. In the modern world it often feels like we are dictated to by a series of priorities. Check emails, charge the phone, get out of the house to keep ahead of the rush hour crush. And of course, get the first caffeine kick of the day as early as possible.

But in the rush to get things done and get on with our day, we can very quickly become de-hydrated. And it is said that even mild dehydration can have an adverse impact on both mood and energy levels.

“Mild dehydration is about a 1.5 percent loss of body weight,” says Harris Lieberman, Ph.D., a scientist with the U.S. Army.

If you went about your day, taking time for some light exercise, without drinking water, you are likely to suffer mild dehydration.


Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

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How to help your lymphatic system recover faster after Covid-19

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COVID-19  is gone. However, why am I feeling  fatigue?

At the clinic, we have received many enquiries from people who have a condition of extreme fatigue after having coronavirus. They say: “it is like some symptoms are never gone”. 

Fatigue after covid 19-min

It is not possible for them to return to normal health levels for weeks or even months after acquired the virus, they reported a huge lack of energy among other symptoms, such as: Read More