What does a back neck and shoulder massage do?

Generally, this type of massage treatment allows muscle recovery, reduces stress which almost has the same effect as playing games like, promotes the circulation of the areas worked on, helps to manage pains and aches and promotes muscle relaxation. However, benefits of this treatment are not limited to just that. There are a number of injuries and conditions which can be improved by having the neck, shoulder and back massaged, such as:

  • Whiplash – which usually is induced by road traffic accident
  • Upper cross syndrome – which refers to muscle changes due to poor posture
  • Muscle spasm
  • Postural imbalances – such as scoliosis or Sheuermann’s disease
  • Natural age related changes such as spondylosis and lower back pain with or without sciatica

It may also help to recover after acute injuries such as muscle strains. It does not mean that treatment will cure you, because some of the conditions can be congenital, however, it will help you to manage symptoms associated with it.

Other benefits of back and shoulder massage 

You might have postural changes since birth like scoliosis or Sheuermann’s disease, which refers to S shaped spine or wedged shaped vertebrae respectively. Having a neck, shoulder and back massage will help you to manage symptoms such as: 

  • Pains and aches
  • Reduced range of motion of the spine
  • Potentially reduce neural symptoms if you are experiencing any such as pins and needles, tingling, numbness and weakness, but it will not ‘fix’ it.

Same applies to natural age-related changes, if you have spondylosis, which is spine arthritis, massage will not cure it, but will help you manage stiffness, and aches and pains associated with the condition.

What is the best massage for neck and shoulder pain?

There are many massage modalities.  Any massage style can help to release tight muscle.   The most important is to find out the cause of your shoulder pain as sometimes the pain could be as a result of a trapped nerve, tendon joint or injury and massage can make the pain worse. Before the treatment your massage therapist will take a detailed history to gain as much information about your presenting complaint as possible. It will help him/her better understand why you are experiencing certain symptoms. The massage Therapist may then decide to perform a physical examination too. This process will help your therapist tailor the treatment plan specific to your needs.

There are a variety of techniques that can be employed in neck, shoulder and back massage. Some of the most popular treatments are: Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage and hot stone deep tissue massage. 

 Please feel free to explore our blog to familiarise yourself with these type of treatments. There are clinics where practitioners like to stick to one technique which they believe is most suitable for you, but there are also therapists who like to use a combination of techniques so feel free to ask all the questions you have before the treatment. 

Why do neck massages hurt but feel good?

Massage shouldn’t be painful but if you have built up tension and knots it can feel a bit uncomfortable. Good pain is good when having massage as this means that the tight tissue is releasing. it feels great because the pain trigger the release of endorphins and also brings circulation in the area and release tension from the knot

How often should you get a massage for shoulder pain?

This depends on your particular problem.  If you are already having pain, this means that not only your muscles, tendon could be affected but the range of movement of your joints and fascia can be compromised too. Restoring damage tissue takes time.   Most practitioners recommend having one treatment per week for the first two weeks,  then as your shoulder pain improves the sessions can be spread until you feel pain free. 

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