A New Year and a new decade

What is the best New Year’s resolution you can make? Clearly, that is a matter of debate. After all, we all have different aspirations, goals, and dreams.

However, one thing is for sure. Too many people give up or lose sight of their resolutions. Perhaps you know that feeling yourself.

Typically, we make what are called outcome goals. We want to lose a certain amount of weight or make a particular amount of money like the one which you can read here.

These can be useful. But let’s consider another option. Committing to what is known as a process goal. In other words, it is a commitment to a certain way of behaving.

Let’s take a look.

Best New Years Resolution

Best New Years Resolution

How being kind can be the best New year’s resolution

Unlike outcome goals, process goals can give you more of a sense of control. And consequently, they can allow you to feel like you are winning more often.

Let me explain. For example, let’s hypothesize that your outcome is to lose 20 lbs. The only time you will feel that you have achieved the goal could be months later. This can lead to frustration, and a feeling of failure if you suffer setbacks. Ultimately, this might mean that you quit on your outcome goal.

On the other hand, let’s consider an easy process goal. Being kind. More specifically in this scenario, being kind to your body.

The smallest act could be considered as being kind to your body. For instance, drinking some water, stretching or getting a good night’s sleep. Every time you do something for your body, you are achieving and re-enforcing the goal.

If you are committed to this goal, you can start to explore new ways to be kind to yourself. It will allow you to start to develop new habits. It can also help you move towards your outcome goal.

Also, subconsciously, the goal of being kind to yourself feels more positive. Whereas, the goal of having to lose weight can feel more negative and restrictive.

Your best New Year’s resolution – ways to be kind

Part of being kind to your body is allowing it to work optimally. There are many reasons people get out of shape or fall into poor health. But part of the reason is neglecting their bodies.

As part of the process of being kind, you need to find ways to kick start the body.

This can involve many things, including

  • alleviating aches and pains
  • getting the lymphatic system moving again
  • improving your understanding of nutrition
  • committing to regular movement classes such as Pilates or Yoga

The list is endless!

A final thought

It has been showed repeatedly, that to achieve a new goal it helps to have a support network. Keeping commitments to others, as well as yourself, will help strengthen your resolve.

And if you think of it logically, that’s what we offer at Perea . We are a place that you come to, not only when you are in desperate need of repair. We offer you somewhere you can come to be kind to your body all year round.

Perhaps your best New Year’s resolution could be to give us a call. We will be happy to help.

We hope this information is useful. If you need advice or have any questions about our treatments, please contact us. You can find us in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington.

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