Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage (BLDM): FAQ

Many of our patients have asked us about this  treatment, but if you have ever had a lymphatic drainage massage you should know that BLDM is in the same path as MLD. In this blog, I´ll explain and answer the most frequently asked questions about this treatment. I hope this information will be useful for you. So, let´s begin…

1.What is a Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage?

  • It is a particularly gentle and rhythm form of skin massage that uses two techniques to get the best outcomes. One is minimum of pressure like Manual Lymphatic Drainage and two effleurage massage (long and sweeping strokes that alternate firm and light pressure).
  • The soothing technique helps encourage the lymph to move out of a limb and into an area that drains normally.
  • This kind of massage uses special strokes and pressure to stimulate lymph movement throughout the body.  
  • It avoids the debris in the body from getting congested while increasing blood flow in both deep and superficial veins.

2.How long does a Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage last?

Usually it lasts 45 minutes, but your treatment session will be tailored according to your needs (areas to treat).

3.What are the side effects of Brazilian lymphatic drainage massage?

The are no side effects for this type of massage (when performed by a certified professional) due to the pressure used in BMLD is so light that there is little chance of damaging the tissues. However, the technique used is very sophisticated and needs to be applied by a qualified professional. An inexperienced or unqualified practitioner could create unnecessary blockages that would be counter-productive.

There are also some conditions than should avoid this treatment before asking their GP first (e.g. cancer patients).

On the other hand, a good (and honest, those who treat you better) practitioner will always refer you  to a specialist when necessary before starting the treatment.

4.What happens when you have a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

These are some of the effects you may feel after having a MLD:

  • First, thanks to the stimulation of kidney function your urine could become darker and smelly for one or two days. 
  • Second, as MLD removes toxins through the urine it’s normal that your urination frequency increases for a few hours after the massage. 
  • Third, swelling and inflammation will decrease. 
  • In addition,  you will experience an amazing body relaxation and a feeling of general well-being. However, you could feel very tired and heavy after the drainage as your body is trying to get rid of the toxins. 

5. What are the benefits of Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

There are a lot of benefits, here some of them:

  • Stimulates kidney functions.
  • It’s useful for the treatment of blood circulation problems (venous insufficiency).
  • Helps to reduce lymphatic problems.
  • Stimulates the immune system, increasing the body’s own defenses.
  • Helps to protect your body against bacteria and viruses as it works in conjunction with the immune system.
  • It has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.
  • Its direct effect on the parasympathetic system generates a relaxing effect.
  • Tones the intestine, which helps fight constipation.
  • Regulates the body’s water balance.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces stress

6.How do you prepare for a Brazilian Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

There is no specific preparation for this type of massage, just ask your GP before booking if you have some conditions like:

  •  cancer drivers or after cancer recovery treatment
  • some skin conditions
  • heart condition
  •  kidney failure
  • blood clots
  • infection

We hope this information is useful for you. If you need advice or have any questions about our treatments, please contact us. You can find us in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington. We are always happy to help. If you like this blog, please share!


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