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Cracking Joints – Are they anything to worry about?

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Cracking Joints – Why do they make that noise?

At some point, you may have noticed a loud popping noise coming from your knees when you kneel down. Or perhaps you have experienced cracking joints in other areas such as the back or neck or ankles.

When it happens it can be quite disconcerting. But do bear in mind that it is relatively common.

It is not always caused by the same thing. Sometimes it can be attributed to the movement of tendons over the bone. On other occasions, it is related to a sudden release of gas bubbles from the fluid that lubricates your joints (known as synovial fluid). This tends to happen when the joint capsule gets stretched out.

On the whole, you are more likely to experience this popping sound in the joints as you get older. This might be related to the fact that cartilage tends to wear down with age, meaning that tendons are more likely to rub over bone.

But should you be concerned?


Cracking Joints

Cracking Joints









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