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A post-Christmas detox – and how lymphatic drainage can help

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The effects of Christmas on the body

Going on a detox soon after Christmas can have plenty of rewards. Especially as we head into the New Year. However, let’s first consider what overdoing it over the Christmas period can do to the body.

The first thing is obvious. You are likely to have gained weight. Many people eat around 5000 calories or more on Christmas Day itself. But let’s be honest, the lead up to and aftermath of Christmas can lead to weight gain too.

But there is more. Take the food coma you so suffer after Christmas lunch. This actually has a name. It is called postprandial somnolence. Primarily, it occurs due to the shunting away of blood from other parts of the body. Frighteningly, this also includes diverting blood away from the brain. And this is all in an effort to aid digestion.

And then there is the increased alcohol consumption too. This can have a relatively immediate impact on blood pressure, raised cholesterol and even impact triglyceride levels. Furthermore, binge drinking on holidays or at weekends can actually lead to an irregular heartbeat. A condition that is known as arrhythmia.

So now we know what damage has been done. Let’s see about reversing it.

Post-Christmas detox

Post-Christmas detox

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Detox – The top 5 tips for after Christmas

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Detox for Christmas

Detox?! Christmas is that time of the year where we all tend to overindulge in food.

We stay up late, attend countless parties and do endless amounts of shopping.

This can result in feeling extremely tired and lacking the energy we need for the New Year.

If this sounds like you, your body is likely full of toxins.

A detox could be the perfect way to get your body back on track once the festivities have ended.



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