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Golfer’s Elbow Injuries – and what can be done to prevent them

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Golf – A most peculiar sport

Injuries that affect a golfer’s elbow can lead to a long lay off from the game.

Problems that occur in places like the lower back can feel more expected. But the elbow seems an unusual place to get injured.

However, golf is a truly unique sport. And it places enormous forces on certain parts of the body.

Furthermore, when you are trying to generate maximum power in combination with precision control, you can run into problems.

We look at what problems can affect the elbow. And look at measures you can take to minimise your risk of injury.

Golfer's Elbow Injuries

Golfer’s Elbow Injuries

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Typical golf injury – How to manage lower back pain

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Injuries in Golf

What is the most typical golf injury? It might not surprise you that lower back pain tops the list.

Next, on the list, are problems with the wrists and shoulders. And what is worse, recreational golfers are more prone to these than the pros.

Lower back pain will seriously hamper your enjoyment of the game. And may even keep you away from the course for long periods of time.

So, how can it be managed? And what can be done to minimise the risk? Let’s take a look.

Typical Golf Injury

Typical Golf Injury

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