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Feeling and looking younger – What actually works?

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What makes us look older?

Looking younger is an age-old quest, but there are some obvious signs of aging that are familiar to us all.

These might include thinning hair, age spots, wrinkles or bags under the eyes.

But there are also a number of more subtle telltale signs that hint at aging. For example, the descent of cheek fat away from the eyelid fat compartments will lead to the exposure of the bony rim of the lower orbit that gives a sad or tired look.

And quite surprisingly, we lose height as we age, you can be as much as half an inch shorter in your later years. Which can make us look less statuesque.

We are not concerned here with the quest for eternal youth, but rather look at subtle ways you can look and feel more healthy and vibrant.

Looking Younger

Looking Younger







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