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Is Osteopathy science-based? We take a closer look

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The background to osteopathy

Is osteopathy science-based?

With British science week coming up in the next few days, we look to see whether or not this practice has a basis in science.

But first let’s look briefly at what it is, and where it originates from.

The origins of osteopathy go back further than you might imagine. The practice was conceived of by an American named Andrew Still in the late 19th Century.

His underlying belief was that the body’s natural state is one of good health. As such he believed that the body has a natural capacity to ward off threats to the health of the body.

This ran contrary to the conventional wisdom that a doctor’s role was to restore the health of the patient.

Since its inception, it has invariably been seen as an alternative form of intervention.

The stem of the word ‘osteo’ means ‘relating to the bones’. At the heart of the treatment is a belief that by manipulating the structure of the body (the bones), you can help to restore good health.

osteopathy science-based

Is osteopathy science-based?








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