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Snapping Hip Syndrome – looking at causes and treatments

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It’s not just dancers

Snapping Hip Syndrome is also known as ‘dancer’s hip’. But if you have been unlucky to get it, you’ll know it can affect all sorts of people.

You will recognize it if you have pain when you either extend or flex your hip. Flexing the hip brings the knee toward the chest. (Think of the fetal position). And extending the hip will take the leg behind you in a similar vein to a dancer’s pose.

The pain of Snapping Hip Syndrome will often be accompanied by an audible popping or ‘snapping’ noise. Hence the name.

Thankfully, not all cases are too serious. However, you shouldn’t leave the condition untreated. Because in some cases the problem can last months and become very painful.

Let’s dig deeper.

Snapping Hip Syndrome

Snapping Hip Syndrome

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