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Sports Massage Advice – What you need to know before you book

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A background to sports massage

Before we launch into advice about how you can get the best out of sports massage, let’s start with a little background.

The evolution of the practice has happened over a huge span of time.

Massage itself is a form of therapy that dates back over 3000 years. It has its origins in China. And some would argue in India and Greece too.

The advent of sports massage dates back to the early nineteenth century. This is when Per Henrik Ling first developed it to help gymnasts and fencers.

Modern sports massage grew popular around the world, especially the Soviet Union, in the later 20th Century. But it didn’t really become mainstream in the UK until the 1990s.

All this goes to demonstrate that sports massage isn’t just some marketing fad. But rather, it’s a therapy with deep roots and a long tradition.

Sports Massage Advice

Sports Massage Advice

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