What is Kyphosis?

Kyphosis is the excessive rounding or slouching of the upper back and can occur at any age. It doesn’t usually cause problems, but if severe, it can be painful, cause deformity and lead to breathing problems. There are exercises to improve this type of posture.


You may experience some or all the following:

  • Rounded shoulders 
  • Hump on back 
  • Mild back pain
  • Fatigue 
  • Stiffness 
  •  Tight hamstrings 
  • Breathing difficulties 
  • Occasionally nerve compression: numbness, weakness, balance 


Some of the reasons why you might develop it are:

  • Poor posture; slouching, carrying heavy bags, overstretching muscles and ligaments increasing the curvature
  • Congenital: abnormal development in womb, sometimes with fused vertebrae 
  • Age: weakness in muscles, ligaments, loss of height, compression 
  • Spinal injury 


Diagnosis is based on full medical history, physical examination to test muscles strength and reflexes. Images test, will allow the therapist or professional to determining the cause and degree of Kyphosis.

The most common imagery test are:


 The spine has 4 curves called lordosis in the lumbar and cervical area, like an outward c, and a reverse c in the thoracic (trunk) and sacrum called kyphosis. These curves need to be balanced, if they become too large or too small, posture is abnormal and adversely affects the next section of the spine. More than 45 degrees is excessive. The most common treatments are:


Painkillers ranging from ibuprofen and naproxen to Paracetamol to Nsaids. Consider surgery with severe symptoms and failure to respond to physical therapy.   


Swimming, Pilates, Yoga 

Hands on treatment

Manual therapy has been shown to increase range of motion, decrease pain and the need for medicines, particularly when integrated with exercise.  Our team of skilled and experienced msk specialists can take you through all phases of treatment to improve and manage your symptoms. 

Aims of treatment:

  • Stop progression 
  • Prevent deformity 
  • Monitor over time 
  • Strengthen core and back
  • Stretch hamstrings 
  • Strengthen other areas affected by misalignment 


If developed in childhood, it needs to be treated, untreated it can present problems in adulthood and regular check-ups are necessary to monitor curve progression. 

Please note general back exercises that you may come across may not be suitable for your presentation and could aggravate your condition. Make sure you see one of our specialists who can prescribe the right combination of exercises and movements for you.

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Treatments that can help

Here are some treatments that can help with Kyphosis Pain:

  • Massage (Soft Tissue)
    Help decompress the nerve impingement due to tight muscles
  • Osteopathy
    Helps restore normal movement due to misalignment and decompress nerve impingement
  • Physiotherapy/Sports Therapy
    Helps stabilise weak areas and restore normal movement
  • Acupunture
    Helps to loosen up the tissue decompress the nerve impingement in tight muscles

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Here are some therapist that can help with Kyphosis Pain:

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