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How can Lymphatic Drainage help you?

Post-operative care starts the moment the surgeon finishes your procedure. This involves taking care of the inflammation; taking any medication prescribed by your doctor; reducing excess of fluid to prevent seroma and fibrosis; and wound care to prevent infection. Our post surgery recovery treatment specialises in helping with water retention, inflammation, fibrosis, seroma reduction and pain reduction.

Our Lymphatic Drainage


How can Lymphatic Drainage help you?


We use Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques to help guide the excess fluid to the lymph nodes. This helps reduce inflammation and pain. It is important to book your Post surgery aftercare sessions to help prevent seromas and increase the risk of infections.

How can Lymphatic Drainage help you?

Garment Advice

Having the correct garment for your specific surgery is very important. During your consultation, the therapist will check that your garment has the right fit, compression and support. Incorrect or badly fit garments can lead to seromas and fibrosis.

How can Lymphatic Drainage help you?


To minimise the uneven build-up of connective tissue, we recommend that you book your post surgery aftercare sessions as soon as you can. This might require the combination of Manual Lymphatic Drainage, cavitation, radiofrequency, ultrasound. See our post about Fibrosis

How can Lymphatic Drainage help you?


Part of your post surgery aftercare includes helping you maintain your desired shape. This is why it is important to start with the right aftercare programme, follow your surgeons advice and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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Initial Consultation

45 minutes



Package of 10 

Package of 10 (45 minutes)



Package of 5

Package of 5 (45 minutes)





Book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your liposuction for better results. It is important that you wear the right garment for your surgery as much as you can. We recommend 5 sessions to start with and to book the session daily.

tummy tuck

Tummy Tuck
Tummy tucks have a high tendency to develop seromas, make sure you wear extra compression and use of a post surgery board to help you maintain the correct posture underneath your garment. Book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your Tummy tuck and follow the recommendation by your surgeon and therapist.


Make your that you do not sit directly on your bum! This is particularly important for maintaining your desired shape. Always bring your BBL cushion and that you wear your specialised BBL garment. Book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your BBL and follow the recommendation by your surgeon and therapist. We help to look after the liposuction area.

breast implant

Breast augmentation/ reduction
Make you wear the prescribed garment and book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your surgery. This will help with the inflammation and back pain.


Book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your procedure to help with the excess of fluid and bruises


Make you wear the prescribed garment and book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your surgery. This will help with the inflammation and back pain.

Skin Tightening

Skin Tightening
Book your post surgery recovery session 24hour after your procedure to help with the excess of fluid and bruises.




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People Say, People Ask

S Carrzz
S Carrzz
Very very friendly staff with the founder, Yaneth, being extremely kind, caring and helpful. Every session has been nice and relaxing and the conversations during each of themhave been interesting and entertaining!! Would 100% recommend and go back if I have any other physical problems in the future or need any other post treatment services! Thank you so much for everything!
Absolutely amazing clinic! I had bad jaw and neck pain from months of working from home with a bad set-up and stress etc and Yaneth Perea did an amazing job of fixing this, I now have no pain after 3 weeks of sessions. Also Modesdos is treating my hip and rib and finished treatment for my jaw and neck, he is also brilliant, a combination of both of their help have reduced much of my pain and I feel fresh and ready to go when the gyms and sports are back in April. Highly Highly recommend!! Great people and services, you pay for the quality you get, they even call you the next day to see how you're feeling after the treatment.
Very professional clinic and team. Kush was looking after me as I had a sciatica during my pregnancy and she was very cautious, soft, had great advises and exercises to do at home as well. Really recommend!
Alexandra Imhof
Alexandra Imhof
I very happy with this clinic ! Yaneth Perea the best therapist she is professional and very friendly! I had breast lift with implants and tummy tuck tuck in Albania 9 weeks ago and I decided to go this clinic for few sessions and it’s really helped me a lot. Even it is not her job but she’s telling u WhT to do or what not to do! And give u advice what garment to use where to put pressure..... Thank you so much 😊 and see u again!
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez
I've got Covid back in March 2020 and after 10 months basically bed bound with "long covid" I decided to book Osteopathy sessions as my chest and back issues were not improving. I have scoliosis and I needed help to gain mobility again. I had several Osteopathy sessions with Khush and she has been great. She offers a lot of advice and is aware on how to treat both conditions. I improved significantly and will continue my treatment here. The clinic is always clean, Covid safe and the staff is super nice.

F.A.Q. (frecuently asked questions)

Should I have a Lymphatic Drainage Massage after cosmetic surgery?

Yes, you should. Lymph massage makes the healing process faster, helps to avoid fibrosis, improves skin smoothness, prevents lumps, stimulates blood flow and drains excess fluids reducing swelling.

How many sessions of Lymphatic Drainage do I need?

It depends on the cosmetic surgery, how many areas you have treated and how well your body responds. On average, it can take between 5- 10 sessions. If you need help with conturing you will need additional sessions.

When can I come for my Lymphatic Drainage after surgery?

We recommend start the drainage 24/36 hour after the surgery. The earlier you can start, the easier to remove excess fluid and release pain. 

What is fibrosis?

After any type of surgery, the skin can build up adhesions and scars as part of the healing process. However, the body can abnormally increase the production Fibroblast (a main connective tissue cell present in the body) in the form of bands which connect two or more tissues causing hardness under the skin.

Your wound heals in stages. The healing process starts the instant your surgeon makes the incision. The acute stages of coagulation and inflammation can take minutes or days, whereas the proliferative and remodelling stages can take days, weeks or even more. Although various cell types are involved in fibrosis, it’s the fibroblast, the main character when we talk about wound remodelling and collagen deposition. Fibroblast plays an important role in creating and remodelling this extracellular tissue and in some cases, this excess fibrous tissue can be painful or disturb your body functions.

In other words, fibrosis is a set of imperfections that you can observe after liposuction and are described as painful hard lumps under your skin where liposuction has been done. It can also appear as large pores, tissue discoloration and uneven areas.

What are the symptoms of fibrosis?

Fibrosis post-op is characterised by:

  • Feeling of a radiating pain, in some cases it could be constant or get worse in some postures.
  • Thick and hard skin added to your scar tissue
  • Uneven skin
  • Local pain around the incision
  • Numbness or loss of light touch sensation
  • Pulling sensation on the area as you try to move or stretch
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