How sports injuries can be prevented? 

If there was a specific formula on how to prevent sports injuries, everyone would use it and we would have no injuries at all; unfortunately it is not that simple. 

There are many measures that can be taken to control and reduce the risk of sports related injuries. Regardless of the level and intensity of your sport, it is very important to look after your body well, so that it could perform the way you want it. 

For example, if you are training for an event or a competition, make sure that you have a training plan which is challenging, however achievable. Failing to have a plan may lead to overtraining, placing excessive strain on your muscles and bones which may lead to muscle strain injuries, tendinopathies or even stress fractures, depending on the activity. 

Not having a plan may also result in undertraining which may increase the risk of injury during the event because you have not conditioned your body well enough.

Do ensure to have sufficient rest to recover. Remember that your body is not a machine and it needs rest. Insufficient rest will weaken your muscles making them prone to overtraining, hence, increasing the risk of injury. 

Rest does not always have to be laying down and not doing anything at all. You can have an active rest, for instance, if you are training for a marathon, on your rest day you might want to enjoy some gentle swimming. 

There will be no stress on your legs, but you will keep your cardiovascular fitness engaged. Basically try to replace the activity you are training for with a complimentary one at a significantly lower intensity. 

 The role of  massage in injury prevention! 

Most common sports injuries are due to over- use.  These injuries can develop over time, days, weeks, months or even years and you will surely need a sport injury treatment. By the time you became aware that you have a problem, many structures on your body could be compromised. Regular massage (for athletes) helps to detect and treat muscles tightness by stretching tight muscles, increasing blood flow to the muscles, stimulating nerve endings  and breaking down scar tissue. 

The secret to injury prevention  RRSS “Rest, Release, Stretch and Strengthen muscles “

How massage can help?

Regular massage (for athletes) and stretches can help to release tight knotted muscles and deactivated trigger points. Also massage can help to test muscle strength, weakness, muscle compensation and even to activate muscle. It also encourages tissue healing by aiding re-align damaged fibres, which ultimately improves muscular function.  

How often should you get a sports massage?

This depends on the exercise and intensity.


That take the sports seriously or train regularly in the gym we recommend a session once a week or every two weeks.

Office Workers:

For people who work in an office and do light exercises every 3 to 4 weeks.


For elite athletes they have regular massages at least one per week. 

Regular massage treatment enables more training at a higher level and with greater safety. Most sports require good flexibility but this can’t be achieved only with stretches, especially if you over train the muscles and built tension. Sports massage or any type of soft tissue work can help to release your muscles fibres prior to stretching helping to improve range of movement. 

 In conclusion there isn’t a magic formula to prevent injuries, but if you rest, release, stretch and strength, the main muscle involved in your sports you can reduce the risk to acquire them. If you do not have motivation to do this by yourself, you can join stretching, foam rolling, yoga or pilates classes or see a professional massage therapist or sports therapist to help you with your journey.

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