Ultrasound Therapy: The Key to Pain Relief and Healing

What is an ultrasound therapy?

Ultrasound therapy is also called therapeutic ultrasound or focused ultrasound. It is a noninvasive treatment. But, how it works? it uses sound waves to penetrate soft tissues, in order to increase blood flow. This  helps to:

  • relieve pain
  • improve circulation
  • promote tissue healing
  • improve mobility
  • reduce dependence on pain medication

Therapist use it to treat

  • injuries
  • muscle spasms
  • chronic pain
  • etc.

How can ultrasound therapy be used?

Different studies have shown that ultrasound therapy can be used and works as:

  1. a non-invasive option to treat certain chronic pain conditions (best on early stages). t is also used as 
  2. an alternative treatment option 
  3.  a complement to surgery for tissue healing, etc.

What conditions are treated with ultrasound therapy?

There are a lot of condition are a currently being treated with this technique; on the other hand, many researches are taking place in order to add more conditions to this treatment. Next I´ll show you the current conditions treated, most of them related with pain:

  • chronic pain (e.g. back pain)
  • neck pain
  • spasms
  • myofascial pain syndrome
  • “wear and tear” /bone arthritis/osteoarthritis
  • bone cancer (painful)
  • fractures
  • nerve pain
  • pain related to tumors (non-cancerous)
  • tendinitis
  • bursitis

Does ultrasound therapy reduce inflammation?

No, it doesn´t.  Studies (made with this specific purpose) showed that there no anti-inflammatory effect. Ultrasound induces the degranulation of mast cells (link), as a result, mast cell´s chemicals are released (arachidonic acid and more) which work as pro-inflammatory agents more than anti-inflammatory ones.

on the other hand, you should not worry about it, because, even though it produces inflammation, this response is essential for the effective and faster repair of tissues after an injury, surgery or trauma. In other words, it doesn´t reduce inflammation, but it reduces pain and promotes wound healing and tissue repair.

Is ultrasound therapy evidence based?

Yes, it is. There are previous and current studies related to the different uses and benefits that this type therapy has.

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