All you need to know about hot stone massage

What is hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage is yet another technique of alternative medicine. It originated in Hindu 5,000 years ago and has been used and keeps developing ever since. Today this treatment type is becoming more and more popular due to its calming nature and benefits. 

Hot stone massage has several excellent benefits for your body and soul. It helps to:

  • Reduce muscle spasm.
  • Promote muscle relaxation.
  • Reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Promote better sleep.
  • Manage some autoimmune disorders.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Remove the waste products.
  • May help to reduce cancer symptoms.
  • It is also beneficial in managing lower back, neck and shoulder pains and aches.

All these benefits are achieved thanks to the effect of heat which is sustained by stones. Heat helps to promote blood flow making it more available for the muscles and skin. With increased blood flow fresh nutrients and oxygen are more available to the tissues, hence, their function and recovery is increased. Heat also has soothing properties which helps with relaxation of not only muscles, but your mind, which is crucial in reducing stress and anxiety. Studies found that knots back massager, in general, is effective in managing cancer symptoms such as nausea, fatigue and depression, as well as some autoimmune diseases such as fibromyalgia, which is a condition causing chronic pain throughout your body. 

 Is hot stone and  deep tissue massage the same?

Not exactly, however, the aims of the hot stone massage are similar to the deep tissue. The main difference is the application of hot stones which warms up the tissue allowing a therapist to reach deeper into the tissue without causing too much discomfort.

 What does hot stone massage include?

During the treatment, a therapist will use several differently shaped and sized stones made of basalt. These stones are used because of their ability to sustain the heat. Your therapist might place the stones on the different areas of your body such as either side of your spine, palms, legs or abdomen and then, left them for several minutes. The application of stones will vary depending on the tension points. Alternatively, the therapist might apply some oil and a variety of techniques while holding the stones. These may include similar techniques used in Swedish, sports or deep tissue massage.

 Does hot stone massage release toxins?

Hot stone massage helps to remove toxins from your body. This happens due to relaxation of the muscles which allows for better lymphatic flow in your body. Enhanced lymphatic flow will help your body to remove the toxins more efficiently. You should stay well hydrated after the treatment.

 Where do you place a hot stone?

This depends on a therapist and the area treated. Usually, a therapist would use the knowledge of anatomy to place the stones on most tender areas. However, some therapists prefer to put stones on energy flow points such as chakra or meridian points.

 How do you place a hot stone?

Therapists place hot stones one by one on different areas of your body. This will depend on the areas treated. Stones are usually heated in a special device anywhere between 35 – 55 degrees Celsius. Therapist then picks up a stone, ensures that the temperature is not too hot and gently places a stone on a treated area.

 What stones are used in hot stone massage?

There are many types of stones which can be used for hot stone massage, however, most common are igneous, sedimentary and basal. Igneous stones are formed by volcanic activity. Sedimentary stones form over very long periods of time. They come from pieces of Earth and are smoothened by time. Basal stones are found in riverbeds where the flow of water smoothens their surface. The quality of stones depends on how long it can sustain the heat, the longer, the better.

 What do you wear to a hot stone massage?

For the hot stone massage, you would have to expose the area treated so try not to wear too many layers of clothing. If you are wearing a bra and will want your mid and upper back treated, you will have to take the bra off. The areas left untreated will be covered with a towel for your comfort and modesty.

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