Eating to reduce cellulite

In the first part of How to Get Rid of Cellulite we looked at some of the causes of cellulite. We also looked at the impact that hormones play. We also mentioned beetroot and beetroot juice in relation to the positive effect it has on the body’s circulation. This led me to investigate other foods and their impact on cellulite. And I discovered many ways in which your eating can help you reduce cellulite.


Eating to reduce cellulite

Eating to reduce cellulite


Eating to Reduce Cellulite – What to include

The build-up of toxins in the body, as well as an accumulation of water retention, may worsen the look of cellulite on your body. Obviously, foods that you can eat that help combat that is going to be advantageous.

It is believed that a bad diet pollutes the body causing fatty, toxin and water deposits. A healthy (or at least healthier) diet can help to restore the body’s eco-system. There are many foods that can help you do that, but here are some of the most effective that has yet been discovered.

Green Tea is now well regarded for its all-around health properties. It is particularly useful for helping to combat cellulite for two main reasons. First, it is believed to speed up metabolism; and second, it helps to inhibit fat absorption.

The evidence regarding green tea is not just an old wive’s tale. According to Wikipedia, “a 2013 Cochrane review ……. concluded that green tea consumption lowers total and LDL cholesterol concentrations in the blood.” Clearly, this will have benefits in getting rid of cellulite.

Broccoli is another great food to include in your diet to reduce cellulite. The alpha lipoic that is found in broccoli helps to slow the hardening of collagen.

If you eat asparagus it is useful because it can help combat inflammation. It plays a role in helping to reduce bloating and water retention.

Other foods that are worth eating to reduce cellulite include oily fish such as mackerel and salmon. The naturally healthy fatty acids in these f bad fats. Finally, anything that is rich in vitamin C can only be beneficial. These foods help because they boost collagen in the skin and work to keep it more elastic.

Eating to get rid of cellulite – What to avoid

In particular, it is important to avoid or reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates, especially white bread and white rice. Refined carbohydrates, as nice as they might taste, have a tendency to inhibit the body’s ability to get rid of toxins.

In addition, and for the same reason, it is advisable to limit the intake of caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine. And as if that were not enough to put a stop to most of your fun, it is also advisable to cut out, or vastly reduce, your consumption of dairy and wheat products.

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