Lymphatic drainage for cellulite

Using a technique known as manual lymphatic drainage (mdl) for reducing cellulite is becoming ever more popular. In fact, in countries such as France, it has become many women’s hidden secret. It is has grown in popularity rapidly over the channel but is only slowly building up a popular following on this side on the pond.

So …..

What is it that these French ladies know, that we need to know?


Lymphatic drainage for cellulite 2

Lymphatic drainage for cellulite



Why use lymphatic drainage for reducing cellulite?

Let’s face it, we now know that the right kind of diet and regular exercise can help in the battle for reducing cellulite. Of course, both give an added boost to circulation. But isn’t it nice to have someone else expend the energy sometimes?

The truth is most of us are more sedentary than we would like to be. And even if you are a bit of an exercise junkie, the chances are you still spend a large proportion of your time sitting at a desk. This inactivity can cause blockages in the lymph system.

So wouldn’t it be nice if you could just lie down and let somebody else stimulate your circulation for you? Well, now you can. And that is what these canny French Ladies know. It’s through a clever massage technique known as Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) can help to combat the results of inactivity. It helps to re-stimulate blood flow and circulation which in turn helps to remove toxins and stagnant fluids from tissues.

It relies on slow, rhythmic and repetitive movements that can be very soothing for the mind and body. But for the LDM to be successful you really need to be in the hands of a skilled practitioner.

It’s a difficult procedure for the masseuse to master, it’s as much as an art as a skill, and therefore experience level of the practitioner will definitely have an impact on its effectiveness.

Although it has now become a recognised massage, good lymph drainage practice is still quite rare in the UK. That’s a shame because, in addition to helping with reducing cellulite, it has added health benefits.

In fact, lymph massage has even been used to help tackle fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. It’s gentle, and therefore unlike deep tissue massage is tolerable for a much wider group of people with various conditions.

But you don’t need to have a medical condition to feel the benefits. This gentle form of bodywork can help restore immune function and improve vitality, and most of all can certainly help reduce the unsightly look of cellulite.

If you are in the London area and are intrigued to find about this innovative form of treatment, please feel free to book in for an exploratory session. You can find me in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington.



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