How do I get rid of thigh pain after cycling?

If you had a long cycling session where you pushed yourself hard, leg pain is quite common. However, by stretching and foam rolling immediately after the ride and every day following, you can reduce the level of soreness experienced. 

Why do my thighs hurt after cycling?

When you cycle you are using your leg muscles to push yourself forward. Every pedal stroke results in your leg muscles, mainly quadriceps located at the front of your thighs, to contract. Muscular contractions produce waste products such as carbon dioxide and lactic acid. Also, repetitive and strong muscular contractions cause micro tears in muscle fibres. All together, they might result in soreness being felt in the main muscle groups used while cycling. However, that very much depends on your level of fitness. The more you cycle, the likelihood of you feeling pain/soreness in your legs is reduced.

How long does it take for legs to recover after cycling?

This very much depends on your fitness level and how your body responds to exercise. If you are an advanced cyclist, the soreness in your legs might go away within a day or two. However, if you haven’t touched a bike for ages and had a long ride, the soreness might remain for up to 5 days and occasionally longer. 

Should your glutes be sore after cycling?

If you are using  your glutes when cycling, then yes, you should feel soreness in your glutes. This is because your glutes are your hip extensors, meaning it helps you to take your leg backwards from the flexed position. In cycling quadriceps are the dominant muscle, however, if you know how to engage and use your glutes while on the bike, you will reduce the strain placed on your legs and become a more efficient cyclist able to generate higher power.

Can massage help?

Massage can help reduce muscle soreness after cycling. This benefit is achieved by relieving the muscle tension and promoting the circulation in the affected area. Relieved tension and better circulation will enhance the lymphatic drainage of the affected area meaning that the waste products after cycling will be removed from the muscles more efficiently which will also result in less discomfort felt in your legs. Regular sports massage treatments can help you to have faster recovery after an event all together allowing you to get back on a bike sooner feeling more comfortable.

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