8 tips to set New Year’s goals

2022 has started and this is the time of the year when most of us decide to change bad, old habits and set new goals. However,  numbers show that only about 8% of people who even set these types of goals actually follow through and achieve them. In other words, if you aren’t truly committed with your goals, you have slightly less than a 1 in 12 chance of success. Improving  your health and fitness is one of the best decisions for 2022. Proper motivation, essential knowledge, and a few tips (we will give you) can help you succeed in your New Year´s goals. 

Why should I set goals?

Setting goals is a strategy that helps you improve physical and mental health and fitness aspects that affect your day to day performance such as:

  • attentional control
  • self-confidence
  • motivation
  • stress and anxiety
  • appearance
  • eating habits
  • etc.

What is the problem with setting New Year’s goals?

Not every one sets them, and many people are happy not to. But for those of you who do set New Year’s resolutions,  it’s usually because deep down there are some things that have been gnawing away at you for a while.

Most of the time you are so stuck in your daily routine, that the areas of your life that need these changes just get glossed over. However, the beginning of a whole New Year will give you the motivation to work on the areas of your life you have been neglecting.

The cumulative angst and guilt leads you to want to rectify your oversight in a big way. You set big goals, and lots of them, to try and make up for the lost time in the preceding months.

The problem is that the thought of these radical changes is exciting – but the thought of breaking it down is less enticing. In other words, there is too much focus on the outcome, and not enough on the process.

It’s only when you break your goal down into bite-sized chunks (inter-mediate goals) that you start giving yourself a chance of achieving the bigger, more inspiring goal.

So, how can I modify the way I set my New Year’s goals to have a better chance of achieving them?

1.Define the reason why you want to be in shape and have a healthier life. This will be your every day motivation to continue working on your goals until you achieve them.

2.Set clear and real objectives. These goals should be as simple as possible in order to achieve them.

3.Commit yourself.  You need to work on your goals every single day until you achieve them. And once you do, you need to continue working to maintain them by having a healthier lifestyle.

4.Remember to be flexible. Sometimes circumstances  won’t help you, for example eat what your body really needs or to go to the gym. But you can exercise at home and look for different healthy eating options when needed. 

5.Don’t postpone. If you have made a decision and your goals are settled, now is the time to start. If you are waiting for the perfect time to start, let me tell you, you are the one who makes it perfect!

6.Change your eating habits. Healthy eating habits are essential if you want to improve your long-term health and be fit and strong. Make sure you eat:

  • plenty of protein, 
  • healthy fats, 
  • carbohydrates,
  •  fiber, 
  • fruits, and vegetables.

Look for options that boost your immune system.

 Limit or completely avoid processed foods, sweets, drinks, and junk food in general. But most important, get the advice of a professional (nutritionist).

7.Find a training program that you like. If you don´t enjoy your training program, it is possible that you won’t continue. There are many training options available, so look for what is best for you.

8.Minimise the risk of injury. A coach of two Olympic athletes was asked ones: ‘which of your athletes is most likely to win a medal?’. His answer, ‘the one that can avoid getting injured’

Injuries can set your goal back months. So tread carefully, increase your training loads gradually, and preferably get the guidance of an expert or coach. And to further minimise the risk of injuries, learn to stretch regularly, and book for massages to restore the health of your muscles and general wellbeing.

A final word

When setting your New Year’s goals, remember the process should be fun. Lastly, don’t rush! Yes you want change! And yes you want it now. But if you have the patience and commitment to commit long-term you will make significantly better improvements.

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