What is Summer Massage?

Treat your body like royalty this June. Book yourself or a loved one a massage this summer.  This massage has been designed to be tailored to you. Whether you are looking to target general muscle tension, back and neck pain or simply relax.

Massage can help with:

back pain treatment islington

Back Pain

neck pain islington massage

Neck Pain

shoulder pain massage islington

Shoulder Pain

calf pain treatment islington

Tight Calves

What to expect
on your Summer Massage treatment?

At Perea Clinic the session consists of a full examination of the way you move and the way your muscles engage to create movement. Our Summer Massage treatment is tailored to your needs. This could include dry needling, joint mobilisation, and soft tissue and aftercare exercises. Our MKS experts at our Angel Islington clinic, aim to help you minimise pain reoccurrence due to bad posture.

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