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The importance of drinking water, keeping hydrated

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How easily we get de-hydrated

Why you should stay hydrated. In the modern world it often feels like we are dictated to by a series of priorities. Check emails, charge the phone, get out of the house to keep ahead of the rush hour crush. And of course, get the first caffeine kick of the day as early as possible.

But in the rush to get things done and get on with our day, we can very quickly become de-hydrated. And it is said that even mild dehydration can have an adverse impact on both mood and energy levels.

“Mild dehydration is about a 1.5 percent loss of body weight,” says Harris Lieberman, Ph.D., a scientist with the U.S. Army.

If you went about your day, taking time for some light exercise, without drinking water, you are likely to suffer mild dehydration.


Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated

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How to help your lymphatic system recover faster after Covid-19

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COVID-19  is gone. However, why am I feeling  fatigue?

At the clinic, we have received many enquiries from people who have a condition of extreme fatigue after having coronavirus. They say: “it is like some symptoms are never gone”. 

Fatigue after covid 19-min

It is not possible for them to return to normal health levels for weeks or even months after acquired the virus, they reported a huge lack of energy among other symptoms, such as: Read More

How lymphatic drainage can help with sudeck’s atrophy

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What is Sudeck’s atrophy? 

Sudeck’s atrophy or Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a condition in which you feel intense burning pain, stiffness, swelling, and disability (often after an injury). You may also notice other symptoms in the affected area like discoloration or a sensation of warm and dry and then cold and moist skin. These symptoms are caused by a disturbance in your sympathetic nerve system. Sometimes it is a condition difficult to diagnose, but nowadays professionals know how to treat it and the importance of lymphatic drainage in the relief of symptoms and treatment of this disease. 

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)

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5 Things you should know about mastitis

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Important things to know about Mastitis

If you have children, you might know the term mastitis. Contrary to what many of us think, mastitis isn’t only developed by people who are breastfeeding. It can happen to any woman or even men. Mastitis is most common during the first 6 months of breastfeeding.

Lactation mastitis is a very painful condition, can make you to feel ill and sometimes your doctor prescribes you antibiotics. Mastitis can be very hard for you to take care of your new born also.

Remember your breast milk is the best for your baby and nursing will help you to clear up the infection. it is better to continue breastfeeding even though if you are taking antibiotics.

Although, the NHS encourages parents to breastfeed, sometimes the condition is so painful that you need to change the way you feed your baby, by using formula instead.

It’s important for you to know that lymphatic drainage  can help with mastitis and there are some techniques to can do at home to help to drainage the blocked ducts and to prevent them to get blocked, also to reduce the symptoms. Sometimes is recommended to see a profession to do the drainage for you if you find difficult to do it yourself.

how to treat Mastitis

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Exercises to improve coordination

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3 exercises to improve Eye-hand coordination

Many people are naturally gifted with the skill of eye-hand coordination, but it is a skill that can also be learned. Many athletes that have visited our clinic told us how to do it with easy exercises that you can do at home. We are sure they will help you to achieve the goal of improving your eye-hand coordination.

eye-hand coordination

Exercises to improve eye-hand coordination

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How to stretch

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It’s not easy to know how to stretch properly

How to stretch is important. However, for the vast majority of us in modern day society, we tend to fluctuate between extremes. Our working days are often sedentary. Our time is spent sitting in front of a computer with little or no need to move or exercise unless it is for a lavatory break or for a coffee run.

Then for a small pocket of time, we want to exercise like crazy. We push ourselves hard in the gym to experience the adrenaline rush and relieve some of the pent-up frustration.

But often we forget to transition. We forget to go through the gears from sedate to manically active.

We know we should warm up and stretch. But how should we stretch? How can we be sure we are getting it right?



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5 home remedies to reduce cellulite

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The best 5 tips to combat cellulite at home!

Cellulite is something that many women have to deal with. It’s also a fact that some of us are unhappy with it and want to figure out how to get rid of it without overhauling our lives or breaking the bank. 

You can find thousands of products in the market that claim to get rid of cellulite, but the truth is, there is no magic trick to cellulite disappear. Wherever tips you decide to follow, you need to combine it with exercise, water intake, diet and healthy lifestyle. Remember that you need to be persistent if you want to achieve results.

During lockdown you can prepare homemade remedies to reduce the appearance of cellulite. They will give you all the benefits of their natural ingredients for less money.


the best 5 tips to combat cellulite










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How to eliminate cellulite

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Tips to treat cellulite at home

Women get more cellulite than men,  due to the different fat, muscle, and connective tissue distribution. Almost 90% of women have it at some point in their life and it can be developed after puberty due to the change in hormones.  Contrary to what most people think, cellulite  happens to women of all shapes and sizes.

How is cellulite formed?

Our body has fibrous connective bands that tie up our skin to the underlying muscle. Fat cells and toxins can accumulate and lie between them. So as the accumulation of fat cells and toxins increases, they push the connective bands down, causing an uneven surface or dimpling (cellulite) appearance on the surface of the skin. This is something we tend to see on tights, hips, buttocks, arms or belly.

How to eliminate cellulite

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How can I improve my coordination?

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What nobody has told you!

When people talk about fitness, the most common subjects are about: losing weight, strength training, stretching, speed and power, there is a lot of information about them, but coordination is less talked about.  Good Coordination is the heart of what we do. Many people think that levels of coordination are pre-determined. But the truth is, coordination is a learnable skill. And it is one that is worth pursuing.

What nobody has told you!

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