Why you should stretch before and after running

It is the final countdown for the London Marathon and stretching is an essential part of running (before and after). Why? Because when you do any type of exercise your muscles work and it can shorten them, decreasing your mobility over time, but stretching is here to the rescue! Let´s go deeper…

What are the benefits of stretching ?

It keeps your muscles flexible. As a result, they will keep and even gain their fullest range of motion.

Other benefits of are:

  • improves flexibility
  • helps posture improvement
  • strengths and aligns muscles in the upper body
  • reduces injury risk
  • increases blood supply to your muscles, carrying nutrients throughout the entire body
  • counteract soreness after exercise
  • releases tension from muscles
  • reduces stress
  • increases energy levels

Are there different types of stretches?

Yes, there are two types:

Static stretching- is when you move your joint or muscle as far as you can, after that, you  hold it there for some seconds.

Dynamic stretching– is when you move your joint or muscle in specific motions for a set amount of reps. 

Experts discuss what kind of stretch is better, and one of the conclusions so far is that dynamic stretching is most helpful before running (because it also helps you to warm up), while static stretching is most helpful after running.

What is also important before running?

Warming up! It is essential and when you do it properly, it…

  • allows your body to adapt to the activity ahead
  • heats up your body’s muscles
  • allows the muscles to stretch further
  • increase blood flow, which in turn will deliver more oxygen to the muscles
  • helps prepare your heart for the more vigorous activity to follow

As a bare minimum, the warm-up should include at least two or three minutes of faster-paced walking, some light jogging or striding and some dynamic stretches.

Enjoy the Marathon, enjoy life and run safe!

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