Preparing for the London Marathon

Having the right equipment for the London Marathon can be a great help. Of course, nothing can replace putting in the hard yards in training. But you need to look after your body as best you can in the weeks leading up to the run. And there are certain bits of equipment that will help with that.

In our last blog, we outlined some of the basic equipment you will need for this year’s Marathon. Specifically, we spoke of the importance of good quality footwear and the right sort of clothing.

But there are other items that might help too. We look at some equipment that might come in useful for preventing injuries.

London Marathon Equipment

London Marathon Equipment

London Marathon – Equipment to keep you healthy

Whether you are running for Charity, just for fun, or want to set a new personal best; one thing is key. To perform at your best you need to keep your body as healthy and pain-free as possible.

A big part of running a successful marathon is keeping injury free. And it is important to understand that just a little preparation and prehabilitation can divert a ton of pain further down the road.

The aim of prehab is to prevent injuries BEFORE they occur. There is equipment that is often used for rehab that you can take advantage of during your training.

Preventing injuries – what equipment can help?

Unsurprisingly, most Marathon injuries occur in the lower limbs. Among the most common of these are runner’s knee, Achilles tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis. Other problem areas include shin splints and a tight IT band.

All of these are overuse injuries. Not only that, but most occur due to tightness and imbalance in muscles and joints. The items below can help relieve tension and help iron out muscle imbalances.

A great and inexpensive piece of equipment is the spiky massage ball. You simply roll the bottom of your foot over it for a couple of minutes a day and it helps relieve tension. It is particularly useful in guarding against problems if you have slightly flat feet or a high arch. Using it regularly can help guard against conditions such as plantar fasciitis.

Another good way to keep injury at bay is by using Therabands. Again, they are very inexpensive and also versatile. They can be used both as an aid for stretching (especially for the thighs) and also for building strength in smaller, but important muscle groups. It is a great piece of equipment for working the smaller gluteal muscles, which in turn can help stabilise your knee.

The final piece of equipment that can support your London Marathon training is the wobble cushion. It’s a simple piece of equipment that challenges your balance and is really useful in conditioning the smaller muscles that stabilise your ankle.

Maximising your training for the London Marathon

All the above items can be bought at a very low cost and can help give a boost to your conditioning. Of course, as with all equipment, they need to be used properly to be effective.

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We’ll be happy to help you stay as fit and injury free as possible for the big day.












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