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Our team provides personalized treatment to help you recover and prevent musculoskeletal injury from re-occurring. Skilled partitioners work with you at every step in your recovery to help guide you throughout your injury rehabilitation.


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Injury Rehabilitation
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Back pain & sciatica
Headaches & migraines
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Piriformis syndrome
ITB Syndrome
Shin Splint
Plantar fasciitis
Trapped nerve

Our Sports therapy Services

Sports Therapy Initial Consultation

If you suffer from Achilles tendinopathy, runners’ knee, tennis elbow, shoulder impingement and any sports injuries, our sports therapist can help. Sports therapists are specialised on treating and diagnosing a wide range of sports-related injuries.

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Sports Therapy Consultation & Treatment

During the session, your Sports Therapist you will go through thorough questioning of the nature of your symptoms followed by a physical examination to determinate the cause of the injury and to come up with an appropriate plan.

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Sports Therapy Follow Up

Follow up sessions will be used to continue your treatment and rehabilitation. Our Sports therapist will help you to look to the future and to make sure that after the injury has been resolved, it does not re-occur.

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Did you know that sports therapy is used as an alternative
to physiotherapy to treat sport and non-sport related injuries?

Reasons why our patients try

sports rehabilitation today!

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Does massage help to prevent muscle injuries?

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How sports injuries can be prevented?  If there was a specific formula on how to prevent sports injuries, everyone would use it and we would have no injuries at all;…


4.9   ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   303 Google reviews

“Great service and amazing treatment. Yaneth is so professional and knowledgeable, she was able to find all the concentrated tension I had in my neck and back, and proceeded to fix it with a mix of treatments. After the experience I felt so much better and also way conscious about my posture and habits. They also sent me an email with exercises to follow at home!”

- Johanna De La Cruz

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐
Johanna De La Cruz

“The Perea Clinic is amazing. They helped me with long term shoulder pain by working as a team across specialities, and putting the effort in. They are also taking full precautions due to Covid. It feels very safe!”

- Philip Gradwell

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Philip Gradwell

“Great, professional treatment – right to the heart of the problem.”

- Lydia McMullan

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Lydia McMullan

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