3 ways to relieve mastitis

We explained on our previous blog 5 Things you should know about mastitis, we include the causes and how to identify the problem. In this blog we also cover what mastitis is as well as our 3 helpful techniques!

lymphatic drainage techniques for mastitis

 What is mastitis?

Milk flows through a ducts system in your breast. Sometimes those ducts become blocked and reduce milk flow. When this occurs your breast becomes inflamed, tender, red hard and in some cases, infected. In order words, mastitis is an inflammation of your breast tissue caused by blockage of the ducts and it can be very painful.

If you are one of the unlucky mums that have developed this condition, do not panic. There are some techniques you can do at home and there are treatments available such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage which can help you to treat the condition and enjoy breastfeeding.

 3 lymphatic drainage techniques for mastitis

The 3 lymphatic Drainage techniques I am going to show you are very easy to follow and you shouldn’t feel any pain when performing them. The techniques will help you to drain the milk ducts or lumps in your breast, so you can feel less pain. Just remember that it is very important to breastfeed even though you feel uncomfortable to drain the milk faster you can also help yourself using an unsupported breast pump to drain the milk.

1.The Milk shake 

This lymphatic drainage technique is aimed to unblock milk ducts and lymphatic channels; it helps to loosen milk clots allowing milk flow.

Do it without bra or clothes on or even better to do it in the shower.

  • Gently, grab your breast with both hands (whole hand), use the soft part of your fingers, don’t use the tips.
  • Lean forward a little bit.
  • Start doing little jiggles.
  • You may have a bubbling feeling.
  • Move your breast all around (shake it), go up and down and form side to side.
  • Do it for 30 seconds.

2. Juice the orange technique/ fascia stretch

This technique works with the fascia structures within your breast. It allows your lymphatic ducts to drain away from the breast giving them more space to let the milk flow properly and come out through the nipple.

Remember to first do the milkshake technique to loosen everything within your breast.

  • Place your hands on the breast; be sure you are not pressing hard.
  • Gently take your breast up till you feel a little stretch between the connective tissue and the skin, hold on this position for a few seconds. Then, slide across to the side and then down (move it in all directions).
  • Give little twists and if you find areas of tension hold in that direction for a few seconds, and then move to the opposite side slowly in order to make all that connective tissue loosen.
  • Hold on each position for 10 seconds.

3. Pectoral stretch

This technique stretches the pectoral muscles. They are the muscles that lie beneath the breast tissue. 

Stretching your pectoral muscles is very easy. You should feel a slight discomfort as the muscle stretches but no pain.  

  • Stand near a wall or under a door frame.  Place your straight arm behind your shoulder, find the position where you feel the stretch (it changes for everybody).
  • Lean your hand on the wall or door frame and gently pull away and hold for 20 seconds, then relax.
  • Repeat with your other arm.

If you feel pain in your wrist, close your hand before leaning it on the wall. This position doesn’t allow your wrist to be too straight, this way you will feel more comfortable.

After you Perform techniques 1 and 2 make sure you breastfeed, and always shake your breast before breastfeeding. Use Lymphatic Drainage before breastfeeding, pumping sessions with your breast pump covered by insurance or when you feel uncomfortable. 

Here at the clinic we’ve helped a lot of patients with this condition. This is an area we are specialised in. We hope this information is useful for you. If you need advice or have any questions about our treatments, please contact us. You can find  us in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington. We are always happy to help!

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