Massage Angel Islington in perea clinic for tension release

Angel massage islington

If you are looking for a massage in Angel Islington, you are in the right place!

Tension Release Massage is a combination of soft tissues techniques. It is designed to help you to release muscle tension, stiffness or to treat back, neck and shoulder pain. Tension often caused by bad posture and a desk-based workplace.

How does your muscle feel when you are tense?

  • You feel like your muscles are a tight or strained, sometimes to the point of frequent pain or even chronic pain.
  • Muscle tension might cause some people to feel pain so restricting and debilitating, that it prevents physical activity, for instance.
  • Sometimes you can experience cramps in any muscle of the body
  • You can feel severe twitching, “clamping up,” and intermittent pain.
  • You cull feel pulling and restriction as you move
  • Sometimes the pain can be so severe that you might need pain medications

How do I treat muscle tension?

At Perea Clinic we are specialised in treating muscle tension by finding the cause of the problem and addressing it from the root.

The session consists in a full examination. of the way you move and the way your muscle engage to create the movement. The session will be tailored your particular needs, this could include, dry needing, joint mobilisation and soft tissue.

Our clinic is only a 3 minutes away from angel station!