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Save £22 per 45min massage session.

Massage Pack of 8- (45mins) £584


T&C: This is a package of 8 for 45min massage treatments only. 12month expiration from purchase sate. Not to be used with another offer or discount. Package cannot be used for Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage, Osteopathy, Physiotherapy, Sport Therapy, Myoskeletal alignment or Acupuncture. Offer ends on 31st Jan 2023

Massage Packages

You can use your Massage package to book any type of Medical Massage of the same length.

Massage pack of 5 – (30mins) £256 Buy Package
Massage pack of 5 – (45mins) £380 Buy Package

Osteopathy Packages

You can use your Osteopathy package to book Osteopathy treatments

Osteopathy block of 5 – (30mins) £300 Buy Package
Osteopathy block of 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package

 Myoskeletal Packages

You can use your Myoskeletal package to book Myoskeletal treatments

Myoskeletal block of 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package

Sports Therapy Packages

You can use your Sport Therapy package to book Sports Therapy treatments

Sports Therapy Block 5- (30mins) £300 Buy Package
Sports Therapy Block 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package

Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage Packages

You can use your Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage package for our Post surgery aftercare treatments

Pack of 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package
Pack of 10 – (45mins) £830 Buy Package

Lymphatic Drainage Package

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Package Of 5 (45mins) £380 Buy Package

You can book Manual Lymphatic Drainage with this package.

Anti-cellulite Packages

Anti-Cellulite Package Of 6 (45 mins) £580 Buy Package

You can book Anti-cellulite massage or weight loss treatments with this package

Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Nonsurgical body Sculpting Package Of 6 (90 mins) £900 Buy Package

You can book Nonsurgical Body Sculpting treatments with this package

Packages terms and conditions

  • Packages need to be paid in full.
  • Massage, Anti-cellulite and Nonsurgical Body Sculpting packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Other packages have 2 weeks expiration date.
  • Promotional packages have their own expiration date. Please check before purchasing.
  • You can share your package with friends and family.
  • Packages cannot be used in conduction with any other offer.
  • You only can book a treatment if it is part of your package.