Massage Packages

You can use your Massage package to book any type of Medical Massage of the same length.

Massage pack of 5 – (30mins) £256 Buy Package
Massage pack of 5 – (45mins) £380 Buy Package

Osteopathy Packages

You can use your Osteopathy package to book Osteopathy treatments

Osteopathy block of 5 – (30mins) £300 Buy Package
Osteopathy block of 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package

 Myoskeletal Packages

You can use your Myoskeletal package to book Myoskeletal treatments

Myoskeletal block of 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package

Sports Therapy Packages

You can use your Sport Therapy package to book Sports Therapy treatments

Sports Therapy Block 5- (30mins) £300 Buy Package
Sports Therapy Block 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package

Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage Packages

You can use your Post Surgery Lymphatic Drainage package for our Post surgery aftercare treatments

Pack of 5 – (45mins) £440 Buy Package
Pack of 10 – (45mins) £830 Buy Package

Lymphatic Drainage Package

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Package Of 5 (45mins) £380 Buy Package

You can book Manual Lymphatic Drainage with this package.

Anti-cellulite Packages

Anti-Cellulite Package Of 6 (45 mins) £580 Buy Package

You can book Anti-cellulite massage or weight loss treatments with this package

Nonsurgical Body Sculpting

Nonsurgical body Sculpting Package Of 6 (90 mins) £900 Buy Package

You can book Nonsurgical Body Sculpting treatments with this package

Packages terms and conditions

  • Packages need to be paid in full.
  • Massage, Anti-cellulite and Nonsurgical Body Sculpting packages expire 6 months from the date of purchase. Other packages have 2 weeks expiration date.
  • Promotional packages have their own expiration date. Please check before purchasing.
  • You can share your package with friends and family.
  • Packages cannot be used in conduction with any other offer.
  • You only can book a treatment if it is part of your package.