A new year and a new you

Have you written yourself a set of fitness goals as part of your New Year’s resolutions?

If so, you might have already attended an aerobics class, signed up for a new gym membership or done your first park run. As a rule, however, people tend to quit on these goals quicker than you might think.

According to an article in the Independent,‘quitters day’ can happen as early as the second Friday in January. Clearly, you are not going to get the body of your dreams within a couple of weeks.

So let’s look at ways you can stick to your fitness goals this year.

New Year's Fitness Goals

New Year’s Fitness Goals

How to set appropriate New Year’s Fitness Goals

For the most part, people set completely inappropriate fitness goals. They are often plucked out of thin air or inspired by some high achieving colleague that doesn’t have the same constraints as you.

Your goals must be appropriate for you. Ideally, the mode of exercise you choose should be enjoyable, practical and keep you injury free. 

Don’t start running in the cold and the rain if that is not your bag. Be creative and think laterally. Is there an activity that will get you fitter but that won’t feel like a slog? Rather than just being a slave to the gym, consider team sports or social activities that may have more structure to them.

The goal should be to get fit in the medium to long-term, not just in the next three months. When you take a longer-term perspective it allows you to experiment and find the activity or activities that you feel motivated to stick with, and learning about it is important too, for example if you’re into weight lifting and you want to learn about chalk you can check this Skinny Yoked guide just for this.

Also, when you give yourself more time, you can create smaller goals on your path to your bigger objectives.

In fact, it is vital that you celebrate the small wins. It helps if you keep an exercise journal so you can look back at what you have achieved, you can visit https://poketfit.com to find the best fitness apps reviews and choose one that works for you.

Other ways to stick to your New Year’s fitness goals

Look to find out more about your current level of fitness. Self-awareness can be a great motivator. If you haven’t had a fitness assessment done for a while, see if you can get one done at the gym, or book a session with a Personal Trainer.

When you have a better understanding of where you are currently at, it easier to know what is required to close the gap to where you want to be.

Another great way to keep yourself on track is to find a cause that is bigger than yourself. Maybe you could look to raise funds for a charity that is close to your heart. Training for something or someone can certainly boost your motivation.

And finally, think about giving your body an MOT. You won’t stick to your New Year’s fitness goals if training is causing you pain and discomfort. So why not book a session with a physiotherapist or osteopath and finally get to the bottom of what is causing the aggravation.

Whatever you do, stick with it, and this time next year you will be a lot closer to your goals.

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