Physiotherapy, what is it and what are the benefits?

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  • October 24, 2017

Physiotherapy, deciding if it is right for you

Physiotherapy is part of an ever-growing number of treatments that are available. This makes it increasingly difficult to know which type of treatment to choose. We look at the specific benefits of physiotherapy, and look to determine how can it help you?

Find out if you should try it.  Discover why it is a good choice, and how it differs from other treatments.

Reiki, acupuncture or osteopathy may have some of the same goals in mind, but they are not simply variations on the same theme. It has something unique and different to offer.

benefits of physiotherapy

Benefits of physiotherapy







What is it?

It is a  treatment that is built around the science of movement. The goal is to restore and maintain physical strength and function, as well as overall well-being. It seeks to tackle underlying physical issues in a practical and direct way.

Some other forms of treatment are often esoteric. Whereas Physiotherapy is very much rooted in science. Among the community of therapist and specialist, there is a commitment on relying on evidence-based science to develop and improve treatment.

It is a treatment that is suitable for all ages, and for people from all backgrounds. As well as being used to help with injuries; it can also be used to improve movement and help to ease pain.

There are several forms of treatment that come under the umbrella term of physiotherapy; these principally include massage therapy, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy and exercises and movements.

Massage is generally suitable for all patients and the form and firmness of the massage will be tailored specifically to you.

Hydrotherapy usually takes place in a specialised pool. It can be done in a regular swimming pool if the pool is both shallow and warm enough.

Electrotherapy involves the use of controlled electric shocks in order to increase nerve activity. The dosage is very low and this procedure is not painful. Electrotherapy is used to decrease muscle pain and aid muscle repair.

Exercise and Movement is one of the fundamental concepts of physiotherapy used to improve the range of movement of joints and muscles. After a while, you can start doing these movements can on your own and in your own home.

Benefits of Physiotherapy

It has a range of uses but generally helps to free up joints or muscles after injury. It can even be used for conditions like arthritis. Essentially, the aim of physiotherapy is to help the mobilize muscles and bones that otherwise would not be able to be moved.

Physiotherapy can be used to combat the effects that trauma or injuries have caused to the body. It can help to address a range of issues that will allow you more independence.

It can also have a very positive effect on posture and improving muscle balance. As always, it is vital to seek out qualified and experienced practitioners.

For those of you that want a safe and reliable method of treatment, backed by science, physiotherapy is definitely worth exploring.



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