Thinking of having plastic surgery

Plastic surgery recovery, especially the breast augmentation surgery in UK can be a daunting prospect. It’s easy to focus on the good stuff. You will have no doubt thought about all the positive changes the surgery will bring. But psychologically,  it’s easier to suppress thoughts of the recovery process until it is necessary. However, what you do during the healing process can have a big impact on the final outcome.

We look at some tips and tricks to help you along the way.

Plastic surgery recovery

Plastic surgery recovery

The popularity of plastic surgery

The interest in plastic surgery has grown enormously over the last few decades. People can ask about us here for the best surgery doctors!

However, its origins go back a lot further than you might think. In fact, plastic was first used as a means to fix a broken nose as long ago as 2,500 BC in Ancient Egypt!!

The origins of modern principles were pioneered during the first world war. But the growth in aesthetic surgery came to the fore in the 70s and 80s.

There was a subsequent boom in the 90s and noughties. Only recently has there been a slight decline in the number of people going under the knife, which coincides with less invasive procedures such as laser treatment becoming available. You can consult experts like this plastic surgery in Burr Ridge, IL or visit sites like and get the necessary help to feel more confident in your skin.

Despite all the advances that we have seen in plastic surgery though, the way you recuperate is crucial.

So here are some key tips.

On the mend

The first thing to keep in mind is that you will need time and space to recoup after any procedures.

There is going to be both a physical and emotional toll to any surgery, and the worst thing you can do is to try and rush your recovery.

Try to maximise the amount of time you give yourself to recover. And try and minimise the number of commitments you make.

If you are pre-op, make sure all your affairs are in good order, so that you can reduce any stress you will have to endure post operation.

Next, plan to avoid activities that elevate your heart rate or your blood pressure. You need to hold off from exertion for at least two weeks after surgery. Possibly longer for more complex surgery.

After some surgical procedures, there is the possibility of delayed bleeding. That’s why it is wise to keep all activity to an absolute minimum in these early stages.

Another area to pay close attention to, before and after surgery, is nutrition. It is well worth getting professional nutritional advice because not all the normal rules apply. For example, avocados, which ordinarily would be considered a super healthy option, may actually increase the risk of bleeding.

It is better to have a clear idea of what you can and can’t eat.

And a lesser-known aid to recovery

Plastic surgery recovery can also be aided by lymphatic drainage.

In fact, a lymphatic drainage massage has numerous benefits for someone going through the healing process post surgery.

In particular, it can help to make sure that the immune system is fully functional. This is absolutely vital for ensuring a full and complete recovery.

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