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A post-Christmas detox – and how lymphatic drainage can help

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The effects of Christmas on the body

Going on a detox soon after Christmas can have plenty of rewards. Especially as we head into the New Year. However, let’s first consider what overdoing it over the Christmas period can do to the body.

The first thing is obvious. You are likely to have gained weight. Many people eat around 5000 calories or more on Christmas Day itself. But let’s be honest, the lead up to and aftermath of Christmas can lead to weight gain too.

But there is more. Take the food coma you so suffer after Christmas lunch. This actually has a name. It is called postprandial somnolence. Primarily, it occurs due to the shunting away of blood from other parts of the body. Frighteningly, this also includes diverting blood away from the brain. And this is all in an effort to aid digestion.

And then there is the increased alcohol consumption too. This can have a relatively immediate impact on blood pressure, raised cholesterol and even impact triglyceride levels. Furthermore, binge drinking on holidays or at weekends can actually lead to an irregular heartbeat. A condition that is known as arrhythmia.

So now we know what damage has been done. Let’s see about reversing it.

Post-Christmas detox

Post-Christmas detox

How to start detoxing the body

The first two ways are fairly intuitive. But nonetheless should not be overlooked. Take on board plenty of water. And try and walk more. Walk for at least 10-20 minutes two or three times a day if you can.

The water will help to restore and replenish you. The walking will help you to start processing toxins by helping to stimulate the lymphatic system. The lymph system often called the second circulatory system, is lesser-known by most people. It does, however, play a pivotal role in removing gunk from your body.

Walking or exercise is good for the lymphatic system because it aids with the pumping action required to get it going.

There is a much lesser-known tip for helping you with your detox too. It comes from a practice in Ayurvedic medicine. Try taking some coconut charcoal. It helps directly with ridding you of toxins. However, do not use it if you are taking any prescription medications.

How lymphatic drainage can help your Christmas detox

We have already explained how the lymph system is important in eliminating waste from the body. Exercise can of course help. But if you really want to accelerate the process, you could try a lymphatic drainage massage.

It’s a form of massage that uses gentle yet repetitive strokes to help stimulate the body’s natural filtration system. The impact of the overindulgence we spoke of earlier will hamper the flow of lymph in the body. A trained lymphatic drainage massage therapist can help overcome this. And will get the lymph flowing again.

A final word

With all massage, it is important to go to a trained and qualified practitioner. But with Lymphatic Drainage it is extremely important. It can be counter-productive if applied incorrectly.

For more information on how to accelerate your Christmas detox, contact us. We will be more than happy to help. You can find me in Mill Hill Broadway and Islington.





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