Benefits of postpartum massage

Being a new mom means happiness and stress at the same time. Your body and mind have changed during months while your baby was growing in your tummy, and now you should be ready for the new role of being a mom. Your body will be bending, lifting, lowering and carrying as never before. The result of these repetitive movements are gonna  have an impact on your  back, shoulder or neck causing stiffness and pain. In addition, psychological changes come, too. You may have stress and anxiety due to this new role. However, you have nothing to worry about because your needs will be fulfilled by a postpartum massage and all its benefits. Stay with us in this blog and learn all the benefits it brings to your life.

What postpartum massage can do for you

A postpartum massage is a type of massage that uses different techniques to fulfill your needs. As you know human touch is powerful and postpartum massage uses it to help you heal faster and improve your overall well being. 

This kind of massage focuses on:

  • Strengthening the muscles and tissues that were altered during the pregnancy.
  • Easing tight and sore muscles and knots.
  • Allowing your muscles to strengthen in a natural way.
  • Helping your body to gradually adjust to new changes.
  • Helping you to recover physically and psychologically.
  • Improving your lifestyle and general well being.

What are the benefits of postpartum massage?

Natural pain reliever

As we mentioned before, repetitive movements such as bending, carrying, holding, lifting, breastfeeding and others, will increase pain all over your body; for example, back, neck, arm and shoulder pain. Don’t forget your pelvis! pelvic soreness, sometimes referred to as vein compression syndrom from shifting ligaments and bones during (preparing for birth) and after (going back to normal) pregnancy. But thanks to postpartum massage your body will receive all the care it needs to get pain relief. It will:

  • Easy neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Help to improve posture reducing lower back pain.
  • Relax and relieve pain without medication.
  • Relieve numbness and tingling.

Speeds up your healing process

Postpartum massage allows your body to heal naturally and faster. In case of C-section, the therapist will avoid the area of the incision, and don’t forget to ask your GP before scheduling your massage sessions. Postpartum massage will help you to:

  • Restore elasticity when inelastic scar tissue has formed (fibrosis)(in case of C-section).
  • Ease muscular and scar tissue tension.
  • Shrink down back your uterus to its normal position and size.
  • Promote pelvic floor healing.
  • Normalize the balance of your spine and pelvic muscles and bones after birth.
  • Improve lymphatic drainage, allowing your body to take out toxins and waste.
  • Improve the function of your circulatory system, bringing in oxygenated blood and nutrients to your whole body.
  • Recover psychologically and emotionally faster thanks to the power of human touch.

Relaxes your body and reduces stress and anxiety

Having a baby makes you feel anxious and stressed, it is normal. However, high levels and long term stress and anxiety lead you to postpartum depression. At least 1 of 5 women may experience postpartum depression. Postnatal massage helps you to relax and improves your psychological well being. Some examples of what it does are:

  • Reduces by up to 31% of cortisol levels (stress hormone).
  • Increases dopamine levels (the feel good neurotransmitter).
  • Relaxes your muscles.
  • Increases naturally your  levels of serotonin (hormone that stabilises your mood and general well being).

Don’t forget to tell your therapist the way you prefer your massage to be performed. Some women like deep techniques to release knots while others prefer light and pampering massages. Also, remember that different techniques will be used according to your needs. Each massage is tailor made for you. So, in many cases MLD, Indian head massage, reflexology and myofascial release will be part of your treatment. Using all these techniques allow us to have a better and deeper approach to your body speeding up the healing process.

Hormone regulation

When you are pregnant, estrogen and progesterone (hormones) levels are very high, but after delivery they decrease. On the other hand Prolactin and oxytocin (hormones) rise in level to make breastfeeding easier. Having a postpartum massage allows your body to improve your hormone levels faster and it also improves your mood.  

Reduce postpartum edema (swelling)

Swollen ankles and feet? Edema after delivery is normal. The reason why is because your body has been retaining fluid (at least 50% of volume) to help your body prepare for delivering your baby. Postpartum massage and MLD increase circulation, reduce edema and eliminate excess fluids and waste products. 

Remember to continue high water intake. It helps you with healing, lactation and also swelling. 

Helps you to sleep better

Getting enough sleep means that you will improve your overall well being. Postpartum massage helps you to get better sleep because it:

  • Reduces fatigue.
  • Improves relaxation.
  • Increases Delta brain waves (the ones that accompany deep sleep).
  • Makes you feel rested.

As you sleep better and rested your recovery will be faster. In addition, it may help you with weight loss. 

Improves breastfeeding

When you are not stressed, breastfeeding will be better and there are less chances to stop nursing early. Remember that breastfeeding is the best for your baby.

Postpartum massage will relax your whole body and most important your chest and shoulders making breastfeeding easier. Some other benefits related to breastfeeding are:

  • Increases circulation.
  • Improves milk production. This is due to postpartum massage increasing prolactin levels (lactation hormone).
  • Relaxes chest and shoulders muscles improving your posture while breastfeeding.
  • Decreases milk sodium.

Mastitis relief

If you feel comfortable, you can ask your therapist to continue the postpartum massage on your breast. It helps to relieve mastitis (breast pain, blocked milk ducts and milk clots).

A study made in 2015 showed that the 42 participants reported reduction in breast and nipple pain. It may help prevent blockages in your milk ducts, as a result, milk flow will improve.

As a final word

Being a mom is the hardest role you have ever played, for that reason you deserve the better treat and are here for you! Try postpartum massage and see all the benefits it brings to your physical, mental and emotional health. Don’t feel bad about taking care and pampering yourself. As you feel better with yourself, your baby will be better, too.

We hope this information is useful for you. If you need advice or have any questions about our treatments, please contact us. You can find us 3 mins away from Angel station in Islington. We are always happy to help. If you like this blog, please share!

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