Is remote working healthy?

This is a question that does not have a direct answer. It very much depends on YOU and how YOU perceive remote working. In some cases, people prefer their own personal space which makes them more productive and less stressful. On the other hand, there are people who enjoy going to work, hence, being isolated in their own space, might actually have a detrimental effect on their productivity and psychological health.

However, there are studies suggesting that working remotely, or combining the remote work with the regular ‘go to work’ model, can be beneficial in reducing the waste such as carbon dioxide, because the amount of transportation operating on the streets could be recused. Consequentially reducing the chance of the development of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases. 

Looking from the business point of view, remote working can help to attract young, autonomous workers who can be very productive in the comfort of their own space. This might be very healthy for the business because the amount of work done can be the same or better than anticipated whilst reducing the cost of having to rent an office space, software and other services. 

What are the risks of remote working?

This very much depends on the objective of the question. For instance, because employee computers and all the data were moved to the comfort of their homes, the possibility of the security breach has raised leaving many companies more vulnerable for cyber crime.

On the other hand, the isolation of your home without being able to have direct contact with fellow workmates, might have a significant impact on some people’s mental health and productivity. The comfort of their own space might also be a distraction for some, due to the lack of work environment atmosphere.

Is remote working bad for mental health?

There are two sides to this question. Some people will strive in their own environment and produce great results, whereas others might really struggle being isolated. This can have a direct impact on their mental health as well as their productivity. Therefore, when the COVID 19 pandemic will settle and if businesses will want to continue having some of the employers working remotely, it will be very important to have an appropriate method to select people who are the most suitable for working from home as managing employees is not difficult now a days as you can get even software for payrolls and more visit this site for more about this.

What to do if you think your mental health is being affected by remote working

Once again there is no one simple answer because there are no two humans or minds which work exactly the same. However, if you feel like negative emotions, stress and depression is taking a toll on your mental well-being, there are few things you can try to explore and see which one works for you best. For example, when you start feeling low, try some exercises. It does not have to be a flat out session, but can be 20 – 40 minutes of walk, jog or yoga or Pilates class. If that does not work try meditation or mindfulness. There are lots of materials available online so you will need to do your own research to find what works for you.

Massage seems to be a good way to manage stress, anxiety and depression, so give yourself a reward for all the hard work and pamper yourself. Also, there are free services available via the NHS if you struggle to find what works for you. Talking to NHS staff will direct you to the most suitable professional who will be able to give you a deeper insight in what to do and how to control your emotions. You may also look into Group Treatment sessions.

How to stay healthy while working remotely

Try to stay involved in active leisure activities as much as you can. Active leisure means going for a walk, run or cycle. Maybe going to a park and doing some online classes in the fresh air such as yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi, HIIT and more. If your schedule is very tight, having the comfort of your own space means that you can even do some classes in your room. Not having to worry about being able to go to a gym, shower after, eat out and come back to an office on time should save a reasonable amount of time to stay active.

Also, ensure that you communicate with your teammates if you start feeling isolated. Do not forget that you are still a part of a team or a community or both. Drink plenty of water and eat regularly. You could also try investing in Royal Vending Machines Brisbane to start your own business and be your own boss. 

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